Marty Rowell

Ecopreneur, Circular Economy Advocate & Keynote Speaker

Marty Rowell is an ecopreneur and an advocate for the circular economy model. With a passion building sustainable organisations, he co-founded and is CEO of the rapidly growing Australian company The Cup Exchange (TCX).

Marty is a fascinating keynote speaker who shares the story about how and why he established TCX. In the process, he demonstrates how business can be used for inter-generational good.

More about Marty Rowell:

Marty Rowell has always been a problem solver. As a young entrepreneur, he had started and sold his first business by the age of 21. After travelling the world, he got grounded, went corporate, and began gathering extensive experience working with and within big business. Marty worked with the likes of NBN, Telstra and VERNet.

When The War on Waste (ABC) aired, Marty was inspired to find a solution for the overwhelming problem of an increasing number of disposable coffee cups going to waste – he knew there had to be an easier, more convenient way to enjoy a coffee on the run.

Marty, in conjunction with his brother Jeremy, created The Cup Exchange (TCX), a concept which minimises production while avoiding waste to landfill. This cloud based tech system is now transforming Australia by dramatically reducing the need for single-use items thanks to the supply of convenient re-usable low cost items as a service … with the first application being coffee cups.

Marty has a graduate diploma in applied finance (Macquarie Graduate School of Management); a Masters degree in entrepreneurship and innovation (Swinburne University of Technology) and a Bachelor degree in marketing (Monash University).

Marty Rowell speaks about:

Marty speaks about how he established The Cup Exchange. In the process, he explains his desire to design and create a new type of business, one built entirely on the foundations of the circular economy … a business that embraces sustainability, leverages the power of the crowd and ultimately sets out to prove that business can be used for inter-generational good.

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