Mark Wales

Ex-Special Operations Major, Author & Speaker

As a former special operations commander, Mark is used to operating in dynamic, high stress situations where personal and team performance means the difference between life and death.

The same challenges are found in competition: the need to lead yourself and teams well, to stay mission-focussed, and to transform quickly when needed. In his motivating and engaging keynotes, Mark shares his experiences in leading combat units, and transforming world-class businesses to provide insights on high performance pillars.

Mark’s mastery of the fundamentals of resilience, transformation and execution can help your team triumph in any competition.

Mark is a former McKinsey & Company consultant and has an MBA from the Wharton School of Business.

Hear how Mark was able to use his experience leading an elite special forces team in combat to drive decision making and personal performance.

Mark focusses on practical tips you can apply from Day one to promote high performance in teams and individuals, and Q&A after the presentation allows the audience to explore topics in more detail with Mark.

Mark Wales talks about:

Elite Leadership (Keynote Presentation)

Mark believes that leadership can be taught, and the aim of this keynote is to outline the fundamentals of elite leadership.

Mark draws on his experience at the top levels of business and Special Operations to show you that the basics done well, are the foundations of mission success.

Any endeavour requires applying the basics of mission focus, a supportive team, and self-care. Self-care fundamentals such as rest, nutrition, exercise and growth are the basics needed for elite performance.

Mark draws from neurobiology and uses personal examples to illustrate a proven approach to prevention, recovery and growth.

Outlines the importance of simplicity, focus and agility in planning to achieve mission success.

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