Mark Di Somma

Branding and communications specialist for courageous corporates

Mark Di Somma is a man on a mission to make business more creative and courageous – by speaking out about the ideas that herald opportunities for creating truly competitive difference.

His presentation style – crunching rhetoric reinforced by flawless logic and a wonderfully creative approach – is delivered in that distinctive “take no prisoners” voice.

Mark speaks with business owners and leaders about the dilemmas and opportunities they face, and how they can successfully reposition themselves to achieve five key objectives: stronger understanding; better pricing; greater value; fired up staff; and more loyal customers.

Mark’s philosophy – “if you’re not scared, your customers are bored” – advocates unequivocally for businesses, organisations and corporates to think their way out of trouble with approaches that exceed business as usual. Adrenalin, he says, is the chemical of change. It’s a message he has taken to audiences throughout New Zealand and to Australia and the United States.

Mark’s sessions are thought provoking. His style is boisterously refreshing, and audiences love his energy and passion. His lateral approach to the key topics facing businesses today, presented with flowing logic and a stunning visuals, is delivered in that distinctive “take no prisoners” voice.

About Mark Di Somma:

Mark has an Honours degree in History and 20 years experience as a branding and communications consultant, writer, strategist and thinker. He has played a central role in forging ambitious brand strategies, communications and branded culture change programmes for organisations as diverse as Vodafone, KPMG, law firm Kensington Swan, international care agency The Order of St John, AMP, Baycorp Advantage and Tourism New Zealand.

Mark’s great strength is his diversity of experience, his unique blend of creative and strategic skills and the fact that he has worked across a wide range of sectors, and addressed many different challenges – everything from futures and options to energy, property development, insurance, telecommunications, ICT, health, liquor and law.

Mark Di Somma speaks about:

Mark’s presentations focus on two powerful business ideas that stem directly from his background – changing how people value you, and increasing your competitiveness. Keynotes include:

The million dollar motive – Change how you think and transform how they spend
Taking the cannibals out for lunch – Why price is a dumb incentive and what you should do about that
Watching the whale fly – How to get real take-up on amazing ideas
Making rain in a cloudless sky – Why the new middle is all go and no between (Welcome to the new world of sales)
Taking charge of Me Inc – Building an amazing personal brand (What could you be worth?)

When he’s not on the podium, Mark divides his time between work with The Audacity Group and a number of directorships. His opinions on the real-time issues facing business are regularly enjoyed by readers of his blog Upheavals.

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