Mark Carter

International Speaker on Leadership, Culture and Values & Author

Recognised as an established motivational speaker, Mark Carter has held senior and strategic leadership development roles in Asia Pacific, Europe and projects globally. As a skilled business speaker, he can help you, your company and your teams, whether it is through his keynote, as a trainer, facilitator or through his groundbreaking online academy. Mark has the match that will ignite the human potential that lays within you.

More about Mark Carter:

With over two decades as a learning and development professional, building frameworks for blue chip billion-dollar companies and SME’s, Mark Carter knows a thing or two about human behaviour.

He can present on adaptability, productivity, peak performance, culture, talent and sales … anything and everything to do with people. That’s because Mark Carter has dedicated his life to helping people adapt their perspective, make choices and take actions that deliver better results in their lives.

Author of Add Value, published in 2020, Mark shares why truly knowing what we value, and why, is the real basis of success.

Working across 40 countries, Mark Carter knows how to connect and get the best out of people. He understands that the secret to wealth for every business sits with its key assets, its people. And when he presents, his keynotes do more than engage and entertain, they inspire people to look to the future, to evolve their skills and embrace change.

Mark’s enthusiasm is infectious. He connects with his audience because he cares about his audience. And he truly wants them to know what he knows, so they can leverage their strengths, manage their weaknesses and be the best person they can be.

As a learning professional Mark understands well the importance of embedding messages through content. His new signature style ‘son et lumiere’ keynotes are innovative leading edge! No slides. No clicker. Cinematic pairings (single and three screen stage ready) create a magnificent sensory experience to accompany his live keynotes. So far he has five unique productions in this range ready for your event.

He should be bottled up and drunk daily. You’ll have to settle for a presentation, that is if you’re lucky enough to book him. Because people love Mark Carter.

Mark Carter speaks about:

Mark Carter’s uniquely bespoke approach to keynotes and presentations are tailored to your business or event, with each topic ensuring practical and measurable results.

Son et lumière – Add Value! – The bespoke approach for this keynote utilises fresh content relating to Mark’s TEDx talk and expanding on his second book Add Value. It’s been adapted for businesses and conferences in an exceptionally creative and highly engaging method.

Leadership – An experiential keynote for ongoing talent development, team building, character cultivation, resilience and leadership / management tools.

Culture – A creative session to help transform your culture, improve communications and connections in the digital age, for team building and creating high performing, tightly bonded teams and external ambassadors in the experience economy.

Orator – Presentation skills for internal or external presentations (including pitching and sales), train the trainer, facilitation skills and a master class in stagecraft presenting.

Potential – Ideal for themes like team development, team building, team motivation, team creativity, inspiration, refresh, rejuvenate, unlocking team potential, personal development.

Sales – Ideal for themes like sales, sales skills, client facing teams, customer service, customer experience, go to market, sales capability, sales leadership, sales and marketing, account management, business growth.

Other bespoke keynotes include:

  • Ignite your potential
  • The digital era and the experience economy
  • Character and the layers of human behaviour
  • Adaptability with associated critical skills for the digital age
  • Resilience: finding your personal journey to harmony

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