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Health & Personal Performance Expert

Mark Bunn is a leading health authority and a speaker of choice who teaches the secrets of health, high-performance, optimal brain functioning and the new Consciousness Revolution.

Highly trained in both Eastern and Western health sciences, the former AFL footballer provides practical advice that equips audiences to make positive work/ life changes that result in greater work success and a healthier, happier life. In essence, Mark helps people go beyond mindfulness to become leaders in the future of business performance.

Humorous, inspiring and entertaining, Mark provides a refreshing change to the typical conference health speaker. Rather than warning about good fats, bad fats and hi-tech exercise programs, Mark speaks about proven, timeless health wisdoms like earthing, circadian medicine and transcendence, the productivity tips of Richard Branson, Oprah, Tim Ferriss and Arianna Huffington. And, he talks about why things like epigenetics, gut health, happiness, relationships and having a higher purpose are far more important than having a six-pack, drinking green smoothies or activating our bloody almonds!

More about Mark Bunn:

The passing of his wife to cancer and his passion for natural, mind-body health approaches has given him a great empathy for women’s health (helping them look after themselves first) and a unique understanding of what can most help them. As a result, Mark is regularly booked for groups ranging from men’s health right through to predominantly female groups.

Mark is also a trained teacher of TM Meditation and the CEO of The David Lynch Foundation – a charity that helps teach TM meditation to those suffering severe trauma – domestic violence sufferers, war vets with PTSD, kids from broken homes etc. He also supports the Beyond Blue national depression initiative, and the ‘Look Good Feel Better’ Program for cancer patients.

The three-time best-selling author of Ancient Wisdom for Modern Health, Mark is frequently on radio (ABC, 2UE, ABC National) and is also a regular contributor to Wellbeing, Good Health, Australian Natural Health, Australian Yoga Life and Management Today.

One of Australasia’s most booked health speakers Mark presents in multiple countries each year to groups such as CBA, NAB, Westpac, Duke Corporate Educ (USA), FMG (New Zealand), Ennia (Curacao), Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce, MLC, AMP, Toyota, Ericsson, and hundreds of schools, government and community groups.

Mark understands the difficulties facing individuals & organisations today – stress, insomnia, negativity, low motivation/morale and poor work-life balance. Using a fascinating blend of the latest Western science, ancient Eastern medicine (Ayurveda), plus the secrets of the world’s healthiest and highest performing people, Mark shows people simple steps to supercharging their resilience, becoming more naturally positive and looking after their No.1 resource – themselves.

Mark Bunn talks about:

  • Gamechangers – the elite performance wellbeing tactics reshaping business success
  • ZEST – Achieve your Natural High: High energy, low stress, life balance, work-life success
  • Zone – The daily habits of high achievers: How to do 30% more… in 30% less time … with 30% less stress!
  • ZEN – The Happiness Advantage: Why happiness is the new key to work and life success and how everyone can be happier in minutes
  • Mindspace – The new mental health and the future of performance
  • The Consciousness Revolution – From mindfulness to transcendence and why consciousness is the next big thing and the key to everything!
  • Ayurveda Alive – Discover the world’s oldest health system to master every aspect of your life
  • Mind-Body Workshop – Mindfulness, meditation and peak mental performance

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