Mark Aiston

Broadcaster, Facilitator, & Keynote Speaker

Mark Aiston was a high profile media personality who lost everything to addiction. Ending up in his own hell, somehow he managed to free himself to fight back. With the support of the Hader Rehab Clinic, Mark became sober and has managed to maintain his sobriety to this day.

An inspiring keynote speaker, Mark tells his story, raw and honest, and in the process brings his audiences to tears of both sadness and joy. In the end, he leaves everyone who hears him empowered like never before.

Mark Aiston is also in demand as a host and facilitator for conventions and forums and he facilitates a tailored media training masterclass – a full day program condensed into just 50 minutes with the specific audience in mind.

More about Mark Aiston:

Mark Aiston has worked in the Australian TV and radio industry since 1980 as a sports host, a radio commentator and radio show host, predominantly in Adelaide.

Having built a loyal following, in 2016 Mark’s life changed forever. He lost his high profile roles in TV and radio, and his marriage collapsed. His downfall, not only affected him, but his family, friends, workmates and those who followed him throughout his media career.

On Thursday 28 March at 3pm in the afternoon on a gloomy overcast day, Mark boarded a flight from Adelaide to Melbourne. There he would stay for two months at the Hader Rehab Clinic, in a last ditch effort to overcome addiction to marijuana, alcohol, cocaine and gambling. All of which had robbed him of his family, job, friends, soul and in the end the will to live.

Since leaving the Hader Clinic, Mark has continued his sobriety, and is in the best space of his life. At 60 years of age, Mark says he never ever wants to go back to where he was, and he will do everything in his being to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Mark’s message is not just extremely powerful and raw, it is uncomfortable for many. He holds nothing back, telling openly and honestly of his spiral into the darkest of holes.

He talks explicitly of his drug taking – why how and when – and his major mistakes under the influence of alcohol – mistakes that cost him his marriage and his jobs. And he speaks with candour and emotion about the damage he inflicted on himself and everyone around him through gambling.

Mark has been an advocate for mental health for 20 years, but as he freely admits, for much of that time he felt a fraud.

Now, truly enlightened, clean and sober, and loving himself for the first time, Mark has an unshakable desire to stay that way. Through his presentation, he warns others about wandering onto the path that is darkly lit, dangerous and totally unpredictable, a path he once frequented. Instead he offers another root, one that is bathed in sunshine, hope, love, companion, responsibility and abundance.

Mark uses no props, no powerpoint, no slides, just himself and his voice as he reflects on his backstory, and basks in his present and future.

Mark is also in demand as a host and facilitator for conventions and forums. He facilitates a media training masterclass, which is uniquely, funny, interactive, fast paced, entertaining and extremely informative. During the master class he cleverly distils a “one day” media training workshop into a 50 minute whirlwind of powerful insider media tips brilliantly utilising video clips and props.

Mark has worked on various national events including the Melbourne Cup, Sydney Olympics, Melbourne Commonwealth Games, Toyota AFL grand Final lunch, Australian Formula One GP, Bathurst, Gold Coast Indi, Australian Moto GP, Sydney to Hobart, and the World Netball Championships.

With Mark you get a highly professional, humorous, fast thinking and entertaining asset for your corporate event.

Mark is also an ambassador for a number of charities and organisations. He is particularly passionate about helping fight depression and addiction and works closely with The South Australian Mental Health Commission.

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