Malcolm Stradwick

Sales & Training Specialist

Malcolm Stradwick has been a professional international trainer and speaker since 1969. He has successfully conducted in-house and public seminars in Australia and in the USA, UK, Japan, South Africa, Zimbabwe, UAE and many Asian countries. Malcolm was the first non-Brazilian to deliver the opening address to the South Brazilian Leadership Forum.

Malcolm can speak or train on all aspects of selling and sales management, time management, behaviour and thinking styles, management and leadership and presentation skills. His relaxed style has his audience or participants immediately relaxed, while the information he presents inspires and motivates attendees to achieve.

Malcolm ‘found selling’ while studying for his degree in Education at the University of W.A. He ‘temporarily’ went into selling and, soon after, decided to pursue a business career rather than academia.

In June 1980, Malcolm joined John Sands Promotional Products and, two years later, he was promoted to General Manager. Here, he was responsible for taking the company from a $135,000 net operating profit to a conservatively estimated $1 million in three years; this are 1980 rates.

Malcolm has a Diploma in Management, a Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training, is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management, a Fellow of the Society of Senior Executives, an Associate of the Australian Institute of Export, an Associate of the Institute of Training and Development and is a member of the National Speakers’ Association of Australia.

He is also a dedicated believer that ‘theory is only the apprenticeship to practice’.

In 1969 and still in his twenties, Malcolm was retained by the Australian Institute of Management to lead their sales training courses. He continued to run these courses, along with other management programs, on a part-time basis until early 1986 when he formed his own company, Executive Support, to concentrate on training and consulting. In 1994, Malcolm was awarded the prestigious Dawson’s/MTIA Gold Award for the Best Supplementary Meeting Service for Excellence in Training. In 1997, he was given the honour to be the first non-Brazilian to deliver the opening address to the South Brazilian Leadership Forum. In 2004 Malcolm successfully conducted workshops in Abu Dhabi and Dubai for the CEOs of local companies on Time Management and Problem Solving.

Malcolm Stradwick’s article, Don’t Worry About Them, They’re Just the Sales Reps is now in its fourth reprint and remains the most requested article on record from the publisher. The article has been adopted by a TAFE College and two major international companies and forms an integral part of their training programmes.

Malcolm Stradwick speaks about:

  • Selling skills
  • Successful negotiations
  • Effective presentations
  • Professional customer service
  • Telephone selling
  • Knowledge of salesmanship for sales support staff
  • Professional retail selling skills
  • Time management
  • Team building
  • Supervision skills
  • Problem solving and decision making
  • Train the trainer

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