Madan Kataria

The Merry Medicine Man

Known as the Merry Medicine Man and the Guru of Giggling , Dr Madan Kataria is the Founding President of Laughter Clubs International.

The pioneer of a new technique of Laughter Therapy based on Yoga, Dr Madan Kataria’s innovative Laughter Clubs now number over 800 in India, USA, Australia, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Italy, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and Dubai.

Conducting laughter presentations and workshops worldwide, Dr Madan Kataria explains the scientific research on laughter and its effects on human physiology, biochemistry and behaviour. He examines the essential link between yoga and laughter; the health benefits of laughter therapy – physical, mental, social and spiritual; how to create a therapeutic laughter group at workplace; the inner spirit of laughter; and how paying compliments and forgiveness help create harmonious relationship. Starting each session with a deep breathing and ho-ho, ha-ha warm up exercise, Dr Madan Kataria follows this with a variety of stimulated laughters including hearty laughter, silent laughter, lion laughter, dancing laughter, cocktail laughter and many others.

The many proven benefits of laughter include decreasing stress, increase in lung capacity, strengthening of the immune system, reduction of depression, high blood pressure and heart disease, alleviation of bronchitis and asthma and the release feel-good endorphins resulting in increased confidence and self worth.

A qualified physician in Allopathic system of medicine, Dr Madan Kataria has practised in Bombay (India) for the past 15 years and is the ex-registrar of Internal Medicine and Cardiology for the Jaslok Hospital and Research Centre (Bombay).

He has been featured in Asia’s Who is Who (NHK TV, Japan) and has appeared in numerous publications including Time Magazine, National Geographic, Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, Daily Telegraph (UK) and Colors Magazine in Italy. He has also appeared on BBC, CNN, NHK (Japan), ABC News (USA) and numerous other television networks worldwide. In 1999 Director Mira Nair filmed Dr Madan Kataria and his work for the film Laughter Clubs of India.

Dr. Madan Kataria is a corporate consultant for Holistic Health and Stress Management to a number of national and multinational companies. He has conducted workshops and seminars in USA, Australia, Singapore, Italy and UK. His client list includes Hewlett Packard (Denmark), SAS Airlines and Volvo Automobiles (Sweden), Emirates Bank and Emirates Airlines, (UAE), Glaxo Pharmaceuticals (India), and the Ministry of Manpower and Social Welfare (Singapore).

The author of Laugh For No Reason and the family health guide Self- Medication, How Useful, How Harmful?, Dr Madan Kataria is guaranteed to have your audience laughing in no time at all.

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