Linda Hailey

Small business marketing expert

Linda Hailey is one of Australia’s leading experts on small business. As a consultant, speaker and author she passionately believes it’s time we took the mystery (and megabucks) out of marketing and strategic planning for small business.

Her extensive career in advertising and marketing started with a press advertising cadetship at Myer Melbourne followed by a switch of media to radio in Western Australia. On moving to Sydney in 1980 she joined radio station 2WS where she spent 8 years as Creative Director and Marketing Manager. A period as a Retail Marketing Manager, looking after 150 retailers in a major shopping centre, helped Linda understand just how intimidating marketing and planning can be for the small business owner. Although it is relatively easy for small business owners to obtain good financial advice, it is almost impossible for them to find unbiased, commonsense advice on how to market their products or services.

Starting her own consultancy in August 1990, Linda pioneered a range of simple diagnostic exercises that could be easily applied to any small business. She works with a wide range of businesses to develop commonsense customer service and marketing strategies that build reputations and business revenue. Her client list includes home based businesses, service companies, retail outlets, health professionals, wholesalers, training and recruitment companies, franchise operations, hi tech companies, printers, graphic designers and even a funeral director!

In addition to her consulting work and speaking engagements Linda has also worked extensively in regional areas of Australia acting as a trouble shooter for small communities who are facing challenges ranging from drought or the closure of a major industry to disruptive road works in the main street. She also helps communities tap into opportunities such as a growing tourism market or a changing population profile. This work has given her valuable insights into the key issues facing small businesses in regional areas which are reflected in her presentations.

As a presenter she is keen to share her expertise and knowledge with lots of practical hints and problem-solving tips for making marketing, customer service or strategic planning work for an individual business. Her presentation style is dynamic and motivational focusing on the practical rather than the theory. Each presentation is tailored to suit her audience with lots of small business examples and stories drawn from her years of consulting experience. She speaks on a wide range of small business topics ranging from e-marketing and client service to practical marketing, image and branding.

Linda is also the author of “Kickstart Marketing – the no nonsense system for boosting your small business” which was published by Allen & Unwin in 2001. Her second book titled “Your Business Your Future – How to predict and harness growth” was published in June 2006.

In 2006 Linda joined the team on Kochie’s Business Builders and she is the resident small business expert s a regular presenter on the program which screens from October to March at 10 am Sundays on Channel 7. Over the years she has also been appointed official “small business expert” for companies including Dell Computers and Officeworks writing articles, presenting video clips and seminars for online and in-store customers. In 2012 Linda took her presenting skills online and developed and presented an innovative 13 week webinar program on small business marketing skills for the University of Sydney, School of Optometry. This program was offered to graduate optometrists from around the world who were interested in building their business skills and improving the performance of their practices


Linda Hailey talks about:

Each keynote presentation is tailored to suit the skill level of the audience and address any key issues faced by business owners in your particular industry or small business category.
The tailoring may involve using industry specific anecdotes, adding specific topics or adapting material to be more relevant to the group. Prior to a presentation it is usual for Linda to
consult with the conference organisers, industry committees or individual business operators who are representative of the group attending the presentation.  New presentations can be commissioned for a particular industry or conference theme. Each of the following presentations can be delivered as short keynote addresses (45 minutes – 1 hour) or longer (1.5 – 2 hour) workshops.

Winning the Marketing War – Advertising and generic strategies are no longer enough to increase revenue and profit in an increasingly competitive marketplace. This practical presentation takes the mystery out of marketing and shares the secrets of successful businesses that thrive and not just survive.

Tricks of the Trade for Retail – Retailers face a specific set of issues when it comes to marketing. Road works, bad weather and the economic climate can all have a sudden impact on your trading. Learn simple strategies that can be used for attracting and keeping customers to boost your bottom line.

Catching and Keeping Customers – Customer Service can be the secret to cost effectively growing your business. This practical presentation looks at the financial value of customer service and shows participants how to wow their customers and boost their revenue.

E Marketing and Social Media Unplugged – This practical presentation takes a whole of business approach and shows you how you can harness the e revolution to promote your business, manage your network and add a “wow” to your customer service. This workshop is designed for anyone who wants to give their business an e boost.

Business Branding – Make Your Mark – Until recently it was assumed that small businesses had an image but only multinational corporations could afford the advertising to create and maintain a brand. We now know that this is not true. Every small business has a brand whether they like it or not!

The Growth Vision – Successful business owners often need the challenge of increasing revenue from a particular market segment or finding totally new markets. Discover how to create your vision, review your current situation and develop a gap analysis that will become your action plan for achieving your goals.

Your Business Your Future – When a small business starts to act unpredictably business owners often assume it is all their fault. This presentation will help you identify where you are, what’s likely to happen and how to cope with the challenges ahead.

Maximising the Female Factor for Business Success – Women who want their businesses to thrive will need to capitalise on the strengths that women bring to the business arena. Learn the secrets of successful women in this lighthearted look at how you can use girl power to get ahead.

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