Lawrence Blair

Explorer & Adventurer

Dr Lawrence Blair is the writer, presenter and co-producer of the internationally acclaimed TV series Ring of Fire, an Emmy award nominee and winner of the 1989 National Educational Film and Video Festival Silver Apple awards. Lawrence Blair’s unusually broad and dramatic adventures as an explorer make him a memorable speaker.

Lawrence Blair immigrated from England to Mexico with his parents and brother Lorne in their early years. Lawrence has had an extraordinary life. He has been a diver in Mexico and Indonesia, a fisherman in Alaska, an actor, a model, a photographer and an interpreter. He earned his Ph.D. at Lancaster University, England with a doctoral thesis exploring and defining the field of Psycho-anthropology.

In his film Ring of Fire delivered amazing highlights of a 10 year exploration of Indonesian Islands during which time Lawrence and his brother Lorne sailed with gypsy pirates, survived deadly storms, visited man-eating animals and man-eating men, stood next to erupting volcanoes, and attended the biggest funeral ever seen. The difference is they treated their hosts in these strange lands as humans not curiosity items.

Following the loss of his brother Lorne in late 1995, Lawrence began to recount his amazing adventures, drawing on parallels between the mystic ritual and tribal habits of the worlds oldest native civilisations and our modern urban civilisations.

At once, a highly entertaining and riveting speaker, he is sought after by the worlds leading organisations to impart important messages to their staff and clients.

Dr. Lawrence Blair talks about:

Lawrence Blair is able to relate strange and remote phenomena of the natural world to our understanding of who we are in the present and immediate future.

He speaks about psychological beliefs and how our consciousness limits what we can achieve. He also speaks about using our minds to break the barriers in our achievements.

Widely travelled, Lawrence speaks about travel and the realisation that its appeal is not so much the experience of other ‘places’ but other ‘minds’ and so unknown places in one’s own mind.

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