Kirsty Spraggon

Relationship building expert, keynote speaker

Kirsty Spraggon is a relationship-building expert who practices what she preaches – and is extremely successful at it.

Kirsty’s extensive knowledge of the sales industry and extraordinary networking skills have been reflected in an outstanding career which saw her ranked in the top 1 per cent of individuals in RE/MAX’s global network of 121,000 sales agents worldwide.

Now Kirsty Spraggon inspires and engages audiences as a keynote speaker, sharing the major lessons she has learnt during a stellar career: namely, build lifetime client relationships that increase your sales, networks and connections for life and business success.

‘High-touch’ personal marketing has always been Kirsty’s style. Her ability to connect with people and build lifetime relationships, combined with her passion for personal transformation, led to a business growth of 20% to 50% annually with over 80% being repeat or referral clients. She attributes this success to her “customer for life” philosophy.

Audiences love Kirsty Spraggon’s energy and refreshing approach, saying: “You can’t help but get caught up in her wonderful enthusiasm and positive outlook on life”. Kirsty’s sessions are energetic, dynamic and inspiring so you can expect high doses of fun, interaction and engagement.

If you want to have stronger connections, larger networks and deeper more meaningful relationships with your clients then Kirsty Spraggon is the speaker for your next event.

Kirsty Spraggon is also the author of Work As If You Own It, a practical guide to how to unlock the door to success in commission sales.

Kirsty believes “experiences” are everything and has crammed an incredible amount into her life so far: living in 5 cities, traveling to over 40 countries, swimming with sharks, tracking mountain gorillas and volunteering in Africa to name just a few.

Kirsty Spraggon talks about:

Opening Relationships To Close More Sales – Most people focus on ‘closing the sale’ rather than ‘opening a relationship’ which will always achieve far greater results. Through building a connection with people and developing trust a lifetime relationship is built, yet 95% of business meetings focus on a transaction rather than interaction. Understand how using ’emotional intelligence’ can develop business relationships that lead to lifetime connections and repeat and referral business.

Opening Relationships – ‘Meet Up, Catch Up & Follow Up’ – Whether you are selling yourself or selling a product or service, the key is ‘opening relationships’ for life. This practical session focuses on the ‘how to’s’ – a practical session on where to meet more clients and how to build a connection and relationship that leads to a lifetime of repeat and referral business.

Networking success in any situation – Get the most out of any networking situation. Networking sounds strategic but it is nothing more than focused socialising – and the fastest way to grow your database. Learn how to make networking work for you and have fun while you do it.

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