Kirsty Dunphey

2002 Young Business Women of the year

With two businesses and two part time jobs under her belt at the age of 15, to her own real estate agency at 21, it’s no wonder that in 2002 Kirsty was named as the National Winner of Telstra’s Young Business Woman of the Year Award. Being its youngest ever recipient shows the depth of her knowledge, experience and most importantly passion.

At age 21, when banks wouldn’t fund Kirsty’s real estate agency, she wasn’t deterred. From a team of just three her agency quickly grew to a team of over 50 across the North of Tasmania. Kirsty was a self made millionaire at 23 and a multi millionaire by 25.

Kirsty’s first book Advance to Go, Collect $1Million was released in 2005 outlining the first chapter in her career. She has fast become a well known name in national business circles, having been featured on The Today Show, Today Tonight, and in Cosmopolitan and The Age.

Kirsty now concentrates on training, speaking and educating whilst still maintaining ownership of one office and an active presence in Tasmanian real estate. Kirsty takes that passion, experience and drive and injects it into your organisation to show how to use simple techniques to change your mindset and in the process, change your life.

Kirsty Dunphey talks about:

  • Customer service
  • Property investment
  • Building wealth
  • Developing sales skills
  • Youth potential
  • Business practices

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