Kim Huckerby

Mental Health Speaker and Workplace Wellness Educator

Kim Huckerby draws from over two decades of diverse experience as a Social Worker, Educator, Mentor and Thought Leader on the front lines of mental health. With a clear mission to cultivate world where everyone possesses the skills to support those in need, Kim’s passion and expertise instill confidence and assurance in her audience.

Kim’s empowering approach to mental health and wellbeing, coupled with her infectious positivity, renders her an invaluable asset to organisations and event managers seeking to enhance workplace culture and challenge outdated and unhelpful mental health stigmas.

Her ability to connect authentically with individuals from all backgrounds underscores her commitment to equipping leaders at all levels with the knowledge, tools and confidence necessary to promote mental wellness.

What Kim Huckerby speaks about:

Who is Going to Thank You for Burning Out?

This keynote provides attendees with valuable insights into the detrimental effects of burnout as well as practical strategies to prioritise self-care, creating more sustainable and mental healthy workplaces.

Are You Ok? What if the is Answer is No?

This keynote equips individuals and teams with the tools and skills to identify mental health concerns and employ effective communication strategies to support themselves and their peers.

Digital Resilience

This keynote has been designed to explore the human side of technology, emphasising the role of digital awareness in maintaining and enhancing mental health at work.

Beyond the Surface

This keynote is packed with communication techniques, empathy building skills and strategies for creating workplace environments that encourage open dialogue about mental health.

Every Word Counts

This keynote equips leaders to actively shape a workplace environment that is not only conducive to heightened performance but also places the holistic wellbeing of team members at its core.

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