Kevin Humphreys DSC

Decorated Leader, Military & Civilian Helicopter Pilot, Keynote Speaker

Kevin Humphreys is an inspiring, relatable and transformative keynote speaker, facilitator, author and helicopter pilot. He’s well-known for smashing stereotypes and transforming self-leadership.

Dux of his pilot’s course at just 21, Kevin went on to serve in the Army for 20 years flying Black Hawk and Chinook helicopters. He deployed on numerous overseas operations and, towards the peak of his career contemplated suicide and suffered a breakdown due to a cocktail of PTSD, anxiety, depression, alcohol abuse and a toxic culture; it wasn’t a war zone that tore him apart.

Kevin not only got back on his feet but also back in the air again, spending the next 10 years as a Search and Rescue helicopter pilot, flight instructor, flight examiner, Chief Pilot and Director of Operations. Today his mission is to inspire businesses and the people within them to engage in NOBLE Self-Leadership.

He was recognised as the role model for a Military Order of William recipient in the Netherlands (their highest award for valor and only the third since WWII). An exceptional leader, Kevin’s operational approach encouraged the Dutch Air Force to change their tactical response after witnessing his operational excellence.

Kevin is the Mental Health Ambassador for AIRBUS Australia Pacific, a contributor to international media, member of the Veteran Advisory Group for the Australian War Memorial redevelopment and graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

He has been awarded the Distinguished Service Cross for his command and courageous leadership under fire in Afghanistan and recognized as a 2023 community Citizen of the Year for his dedication and impact as a speaker, mental health advocate and founder of COR INFINITUS which gives dignity and respect to the families of those who’ve served their nation and were overwhelmed by their battle within.

More about Kevin Humphreys

Kevin deeply connects with people. His captivating story is heart-felt and resonates with many regardless of age, gender or industry. After one of Kevin’s presentations people experience a tangible difference with how they think and deal with both leadership and mental illness, at home and in the workplace.

The strength in Kevin’s presentation is realising that his story is the same as thousands of others. And while collectively, we’re addressing the stigma around mental illness it still requires individual courage and compassion to speak-up and convert these conversations to the new ‘normal’.

Kevin inspires men and women of all ages to engage in NOBLE Self-Leadership where they learn to lead themselves first and then others.

Kevin talks about

1. NOBLE Self-Leadership

Experience the highs and lows of Kevin’s life as though you were there with him, then share the lessons of his journey. Kevin relays his experience of moving from fear to fearless and how his courageous journey to freedom is one we can take together. It’s recognising yourself as a worthy and noble goal, then taking actions to achieve it, despite the presence of fear! Kevin discusses how it wasn’t the warzone that tore him apart – it was the workplace. Research shows how a toxic workplace is just as debilitating as exposure to trauma, whilst being in a positive workplace is like receiving a mental health inoculation. Which will you contribute to and how will you know? Walk away transformed, with tips and tools for immediate implementation. You’ll be ready to
take action in your own life and to inspire the lives of others!

2. Discipline – it’s P.U.R.E. desire

Discipline. There’s plenty of it in the Army where Kevin spent two decades, but what he talks about here is the self-disciple required to succeed in navigating the highs and lows of life. Drawing upon his own professional and personal hard-fought experiences, Kevin explores the topic of discipline in plain language! Understand why it may not be your fault but it will always be your responsibility. Whether you’re an apprentice, pensioner or prize fighter this presentation applies equally to all. Kevin not only motivates listeners for action, he also provides a practical framework to apply immediately.

3. Keeping Wings Level and Getting Stuff Done

In flying, if there’s a mishap of some kind, you’re trained to immediately regain wings level flight. ‘Wings Level’ represents the foundation of normal, controlled flight. Fly with Kevin as he gives you a brief glimpse into his world when his wings weren’t level and learn what to implement personally and organizationally to build resilience – so you can keep wings level and get stuff done! Explore the power of perspective and the debilitating effects of fatigue and burnout along with what to do about them. He delves into the illusion of what we think we can control in our lives and how much better our lives become when we seek to control only four things – get this right and your whole life will transform overnight! As always, you’ll not only walk away with tips and tools for immediate implementation but the desire to make it happen for you and for others.


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