Kevin Grise

The Hypnotist

With over thirty years experience, Kevin Grise presents an empowering and hilarious performance as ‘The Hypnotist’ while delivering a powerful message tailored to client’s needs.

Using only volunteers who are medically and psychologically healthy, Kevin teaches them the art of self hypnosis. At the same time, he teaches the audience the same message, delivered in an hilarious and entertaining manner.

Kevin Grise is the ‘director’ and the volunteers of your organisation are the ‘super stars’ of the show. This creates camaraderie amongst the people up on stage, and the people in the audience, which in turn relaxes and recharges your group of co-workers.

The show is a fast paced, musical, theatrical adventure, where the volunteers venture into a world of wonders of their own creative imagination. Kevin has them believing they are ‘Rock Stars’, ‘Actors’, ‘People relaxing on the beach’. They leave the stage at the end of the night feeling totally relaxed and proud of their performance.

Kevin Grise’s mission is to show the world ‘The fact versus the myth’ of hypnosis, in a show which is personality driven, family friendly, and allows zero tolerance for foul language, sexual references, racism, dangerous stunts or humiliation. Kevin never oversteps the boundaries of good taste, ensuring the audience laughs with the participants and never at them.

Tailored to client’s needs, Kevin can incorporate particular themes, topics or goals, in order to achieve an organisations aims and objectives.

Kevin Grise became interested in Hypnosis while in the U.S. Navy in 1975. Whilst a paramedic he trained in clinical hypnosis for pain control during minor surgery and painless childbirth. Implementing and witnessing the results of this, impressed and intrigued him so much, that he began and completed a Degree in Counseling Psychology. He then decided to extend his knowledge of the human mind, by becoming a Certified Hypnotherapist and was inducted as a member of the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners.

Kevin Grise ran his own successful Hypnosis Practice from 1984 – 1991, again first hand implementing and witnessing the power of hypnosis to help people achieve their desire, or overcome challenges in their life.

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