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Leading innovation facilitator & business growth speaker

Keith Abraham is an expert on accomplishment and leadership. He has worked around the world and across multiple industries to help business leaders and key people accomplish their personal and professional goals. In demand at conferences, Keith also works with world leading brands and innovative businesses in the areas of change, service, business growth and customer loyalty.

Keith inspires people to think differently. He is the catalyst that challenges people to be better, do better and achieve better results in both their personal and professional lives.

In his presentations, Keith shares easy-to-implement, proven and most importantly relevant strategies that have a profound effect on his audience and encourages them to execute ideas that make a positive impact. His highly personalised presentations are studded with substance, strategies, solutions, facts, gems of wisdom and amusing anecdotes which every member of the audience can apply to their business and to their lives. They are sustainable, bottom line enhancing, business building and personal peak performance ideas that make a real difference.

Keith Abraham holds the title of Certified Speaking Professional from the National Speakers’ Association – acknowledging him as one of world’s top 7% of professional speakers. Time magazine described Keith as “Australia’s up and coming inspirational speaker”.

He has published five booked in 12 languages (Be!, Creating Loyal Profitable Customers, Inspirational Insights, Living Your Passion and Focus) and is considered a best-selling author.

Keith Abraham’s strategies are proven and have achieved some phenomenal results:

  • Working in retail, Keith turned the worst sales area of 65 staff and 110% staff turnover into the best area within three months to achieve their annual budget of $15,000,000.
  • One of Keith’s business growth concepts helped a client grow from $5 million to $9 million in 12 months and without employing one more person.
  • He helped a Financial Planner add an additional $500,000 to their bottom line over a 12 month period.
  • Keith developed a 6-part sales model for a Customer Service Call Centre that has ensured they are 200% ahead of their annual sales budget and 98% of their 220 staff members are exceeding their targets every single month.
  • In just 10 years he built a professional speaking business regarded in the top 4% for revenue.

Keith Abraham talks about:

Passionate life

Keith shares three simple steps to living an extraordinary life. Customised to your business, the ideas will relate to the industry your people work in every day and focus on real life strategies. Keith will explore the clarity gained around both their professional and personal lives, and how this will enhance their confidence.

Passionate leaders

Keith inspires your leaders to master leading themselves first. He helps them understand team dynamics, set standards and identify personal influencing skills that contribute to delivering the best opportunities to lead business growth and success.

Passionate customers

Keith describes the three strategic components for creating loyal, passionate and profitable ambassadors for business. With your audience, he will identify opportunities, emphasise the importance of a service experience, and together, develop an action plan that can be implemented from the first day back in the office.

Passionately focused

Based on Keith’s 2017 book, Focus, this highly demanded presentation shares the threee simple steps to focus on what counts, remove the distractions and silence the noise. Keith helps audiences connect to what is important and provides the solutions for how to create momentum and make progress.

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