Jye Currie

Photographer, Film Maker and Content Creator

Jye David Currie was raised in the city of Newcastle by his parents who showed him what hard-work, passion and love looked like. Currie earned a Bachelor Degree in Communication majoring in Media Production in 2019, followed by an Honours Degree in Communication majoring in Film in 2020.

Before this time however, Currie spent many years traveling around Australia before venturing off around the world where he visited more than 50 countries. Currie has completed mission trips in Africa where he documented remote tribes in north Kenya to then hold charity exhibitions back in Australia to raise funds for these communities. One trip, Currie backpacked for 7 months across 6 continents photographing faces on the streets while immersing himself in different cultures.

Along these journey’s Currie found his purpose in life by growing a deep passion and love for storytelling, further exploring this through the art of filmmaking. Currie is now set on a mission to share his art with the world in hopes to inspire and entertain others through his films.

In 2021 Currie founded the film production company “Green Frog Productions” which employed 90 people. The company has produced two films 11 x International Award-Winning short film ‘Victim’ & 4 x International Award-Winning Feature Film ‘Beat’. The film has been distributed in North America and acquired by network Nine in Australia which now streams on Stan. Beat has been deemed ‘the largest film to be produced in Newcastle, Australia.

Green Frog Productions is on a mission to revolutionise the film industry through powerful storytelling and to leave a lasting impact by producing unique and inspiring films that challenge and question the human experience. Their ultimate goal is to spark meaningful change and make a positive difference in the world.

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