Justin Jones

Explorer, Keynote Speaker and Facilitator

Justin Jones – or Jonesy – is one of Australia’s greatest adventurers. He has achieved two Guinness World Records and has produced several award-winning documentaries about his experiences.

With a background in science and business, he applies lessons learnt during explorations to inspire business leaders and teams to focus, think with flexibility, and overcome obstacles in order to achieve goals, even under situations of extreme stress.

A humble, charismatic and inspiring character… he is the perfect example of how determination, detailed planning and foresight can enable the most ‘normal’ of us to undertake the most extraordinary feats.

More about Justin Jones:

Justin Jones’ expeditions have taken him across the world. He’s paddled a kayak across the Tasman from Australia to New Zealand, skied to the South Pole and back, and walked 1800km across the Australian Outback with his wife and one-year old daughter. He holds two Guinness World Record and a place as one of Australia’s 50 Greatest Explorers of all time.

Over many years he has made a career of undertaking huge, epic, record setting expeditions around the world and sharing these on the stage and the screen. Documentaries he has produced and directed have received critical acclaim, winning 16 international film festival awards. He has also presented in and produced a TV special for the National Geographic Channel in North America.

Since returning from the Tasman expedition Jonesy has been on the corporate and public speaking circuit, giving keynotes highlighting pertinent themes to business and facilitating workshops globally, to over 350,000 people. Humble, charismatic and inspiring – he leaves you with the belief that anything is possible.

His presentations are enhanced by jaw-dropping video clips and stunning photography from his adventures. The old saying a picture paints a thousand words only partly explains the profound impact his multi-media has. Because much of it is unique and beautifully captured – it sticks. People remember the imagery, and the inspiration long after the conference is over.

Jonesy’s presentation is perfect to open and / or close a conference, motivate staff or provide an inspirational after dinner speech. This young and savvy adventurer has created two unforgettable presentations. Stunning footage and imagery have been craftily moulded to convey messages that all can learn from.

With a background in practical business and science (he completed a Bachelor of Advanced Science with Honours at UNSW and attained further qualifications with Diplomas in Event Management and Outdoor Recreation) he draws on relevant anecdotes to convey crucial lessons pertinent to business. Some of these themes include planning, goal setting, resilience, risk management, teamwork, motivation, mindset, agility, and leadership.

Justin Jones talks about:

Expedition presentations:

Crossing the Ditch: Daring to dream then riding out the storm – The story of why two young successful Aussies sacrificed everything to achieve a seemingly impossible dream; to become the first to paddle across the Tasman Sea. In this mind-blowing account, Jonesy shares his story of life on the Tasman; the good, the bad, every lesson learnt, and every wave in-between.

Extreme South To hell and back: A journey across a frozen wasteland – A story of resilience, determination, competition and the human spirit in the most hostile environment in the world. Starting with very limited experience, Cas and Jonesy spent years researching, consulting with international experts, training in the Arctic and NZ, and rehearsing the skills needed to survive in the highest, driest, windiest and coldest continent on Earth.

On the ice they were pushed to their very limits by the conditions and more experienced competitor aiming to steal their glory; they almost didn’t return. Staring at the brink of death and defeat, they were able to methodically refocus and regain control over their fate and ultimately, succeed. The end to this journey will move the stoniest of hearts.

Heading Outback: A family’s journey across the Outback in search of self discovery, following passion and finding purpose – Justin tells the story of how he, with his partner Lauren and baby Morgan walked 1800km on an unaccompanied, self-supported expedition from the centre of Australia (Docker River, NT) to the coast (Port Augusta, SA). Over 102 days they battled extreme temperatures, suffered sleep deprivation and dehydration, dodged snakes and dingoes and created memories that will bond their family together forever. Letting nothing hold them back, they proved that family can not only co-exist, but thrive with adventure.

Adventure Thinking Applied to Business:
In this keynote, Jonesy unpacks lessons he’s learnt from many years of adventure and the ‘expedition mindset’ needed to focus, adapt, overcome and achieve under extreme stress situations. Resilience, relentless curiosity, foresight, enhanced collaboration, honesty, ownership and an adventurous spirit make up the backbone of how you can live your best and most passionate life everyday. Jonesy shows his audience how to translate that mindset to all areas of business and life.

Workshop facilitation:

Jonesy’s workshops strongly focus on interactivity and participation. Using the vessel of his expeditions he works tirelessly to help you achieve the goals determined prior to the workshop. More than anything he wants your team to walk out of the room empowered and willing to apply the lessons he’s learnt from Adventure.

Adventure-based Immersive Simulations – Your team will be thrust onto an expedition across the Tasman Sea or into the teeth of an Antarctic blizzard making decisions that will ultimately determine success or failure. By immersing participants into a new environment and drawing parallels to your business opportunities and issues to overcome, he engages staff to enhance team dynamics and cohesion, recognise decisive business ‘moments’ and enable better decision making.

The Adventure Process – From ideation to execution – this workshop unpacks the six critical stages in planning, executing and achieving any extreme or audacious goal. Your team will ultimately understand that fear and risk are ultimately allies rather than something to avoid.

Operation Antarctica – Your team will be forced to survive an Antarctic blizzard. With limited time and resources they have only moments to set up a tent to shelter from – 40 degree temperatures and winds threatening to blow them away. Hesitate and the consequences can be dire. Only with laser sharp focus, clarity, team work and communication will they be able to beat the storm.

Workshops can be run for five to 100 participants and can be applied in a short 90 minute blast to a packed one day agenda.

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