Judith Locke

Clinical Psychologist, School Counsellor, Workplace Trainer & Speaker

Dr Judith Locke is a registered clinical psychologist, former teacher, school counsellor and workplace trainer. She draws on research evidence and her own clinical experience to inspire educators, parents and students to adopt age appropriate strategies that inspire confidence and resilience and to provide the tools for people to live, learn and work together in harmony.

Judith has undertaken research at QUT, investigating modern parenting, family wellbeing, and academic environments. Her psychological commentary features regularly in the media, including a weekly parenting column for News Corp.

The Director of Confident and Capable, an organisation that provides psychological training solutions for parents, children, teachers, and other employees, Judith also provides clinical assistance for families and individuals in her private practice in Toowong, Qld.

Her book, The Bonsai Child, provides practical strategies for parenting and encouraging children to be confident and resilient. It has been described as “an essential resource for parents and anyone working with families or children today”.

Judith is a member of both The Australian Psychological Society (the APS) and the APS College of Clinical Psychologists.

Judith delivers sessions at schools around Australia to parents, teachers and students. She is also a highly sought-after keynote speaker at conferences for teachers and school counsellors, as well as workplaces looking to help their staff who are parents.

Dr Judith Locke speaks about:

Sessions for Parents:
Helping your child/teen become confident and capable in their schooling – Judith draws on the latest research and clinical experience to describe age appropriate positive and effective strategies parents can use to help their children become more confident and capable at school and in their schoolwork.

Helping your child/teen become confident and capable at home – Judith describes age appropriate positive and effective strategies parents can use to help their children and teens become more confident and capable in the home environment. She explores common parenting approaches and helps to fine-tune strategies parents already use to help children reach their potential.

Sessions for Students: 
Helping prefects prepare for their role
Year 12 and beyond – a session for Year 12 students and their parents to help them cope with the challenges of Year 12 (and beyond)

Sessions for Teachers: 
Teaching in an era of overparenting – a one hour introductory session or a four hour session including practical strategies for teachers to work well with parents
Boarding staff sessions
Teaching the anxious child/teen

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