Jonar Nader

Technologist, Futurist, Social Commentator & Author

Jonar Nader draws on almost 40 years in business to travel the world consulting to corporations and governments, as well as clients in high technology, retail, manufacturing, pharmacy, finance, services and education.

The founder and chairman of Logictivity, Jonar is also an author, expert-witness to the legal profession, television and radio presenter and educator.

Jonar Nader presents and conducts courses on innovation, leadership, management, staff engagement, corporate culture, thinking skills, teamwork, advertising, terrorism, and politics.

More about Jonar Nader:

Prior to establishing Logictivity, Jonar Nader was appointed by IBM to the role of E-business Software Manager. In this capacity, he worked with the IBM Olympic Committee, and as the company’s spokesman for super-computing and high-technology. While at IBM Jonar was also appointed to the roles of Network Computing Manager and Consumer Manager for Asia Pacific South. Before joining IBM, Jonar was the Sales and Marketing Director at Acer Computer. He has held senior marketing positions at Compaq/HP, including Manager of Communications; Distribution; Education; and Retail. Jonar also worked for Myer, and was their youngest manager.

A best-selling author, Jonar’s books are translated into several languages and sold globally. They include Prentice Hall’s Illustrated Dictionary of Computing; along with How to Lose Friends and Infuriate Your Boss, How to Lose Friends and Infuriate People, How to Lose Friends and Infuriate Thinkers, How to Lose Friends and Infuriate Lovers and How to Lose Friends and Infuriate Competitors. His first suspense thriller, Z, focussed on tri-technology terrorism.

Jonar is the technology writer for Butterworths Legal Dictionary, and the Student’s Legal Dictionary. Additionally, he has written and edited a range of international fashion, art, and advertising magazines, as well as Formula One racing magazines.

Jonar Nader was the co- founder of the Australian Information Technology Society, where he served for six years and he has served as a Director of The Australian Centre for Languages, and as a Director of The Sydney College of Divinity. Jonar co-founded and was a Committee Member of the New Leaders’ Foundation (funded by Johnson & Johnson, McKinsey & Co, and Qantas), which delivered lectures at the Royal Military College, at The University of New South Wales (UNSW), and across Asia. He has taught at the Australian Institute of Management and at the Institute of Technical and Further Education, and was an Expert Educator for The CEO Institute, and a Chair at 2020 Exchange.

Jonar Nader advises many chair-persons and CEOs at board-level and he assists senior executives when they need professional, personal, market, or management advice.

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