John Lees

Sales and marketing specialist, after-dinner speaker, humourist & MC

John Lees is one of the most versatile presenters in corporate Australia, providing an invaluable mix of business wisdom, effective strategy and humour. An original and highly motivational communicator, John is equally at home as a sales and marketing presenter and trainer – and as a superb master of ceremonies, entertaining after-dinner speaker and humourist.

John Lees specialises in the related, key business areas of selling, sales management (leadership), service and marketing (creating distinctive, valuable promises to sell). John does not preach sales techniques, instead he shows sales people how to professionally control and lead discussions at market level, with prospects and customers … to the point of mutual success.

John was head of marketing and sales for Schwarzkopf in Australia and NZ and created market leadership locally, and the best results for the company worldwide.

He has written 11 books on sales, sales management, marketing, small business development, franchising success and leadership in management.

Senior managers, sales teams, customers, franchisees, agents and association executives, have all benefited from John Lees’ expertise. Most importantly, his presentations are full of practical knowledge and advice gleaned from a highly successful international career as a senior marketing and sales executive. John Lees is committed to achieving profitable sales progress and so relates to audiences, large and small, with the same aim.

John’s unique, informative and entertaining presentations make him ideal for sales conferences, senior management meetings, retreats, training sessions, company events, and franchise/dealer conventions.

John has presented throughout Asia, America, the UK, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand to clients including IBM, AMP, EDS, McDonalds, Telstra, leading accounting firms and an array of progressive companies from product and service industries. As testament to his expertise and effectiveness, many companies have asked John to remain as their sales development consultant after hearing his presentations.

John Lees is also a regular contributor on Switzer TV on the Sky Business channel, appeared on the ABC Four Corners programme ‘The Business of Change’ and has written more than 1,000 articles on business development.

John Lees talks about:

  • Professional Selling – Operating as sales makers, not order takers.
  • Modern Marketing – Arranging to sell far more than you charge for.
  • Profitable Service – Not aspiring to charge more … but avoiding the pressure to charge less.
  • Leadership in Management – Via knowledge and conviction, not personality or title.
  • Teamwork – Moving from ‘units’ to ‘unity’.
  • Small Business Development – Becoming a driver of the franchise, not a passenger.
  • Funny Business – After-dinner inspirational message with non-stop laughter.
  • Conference MC/Facilitator – Incisive comments, humour and control.

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