John Fleming

Songwriter, Musician, Event Host and MC

John Fleming is an experienced and award winning presenter, performer and songwriter. Best known as the tall half of the Scared Weird Little Guys, he has performed around the world and his talents have been recognised with multiple awards.

With a long history in television, radio and stage shows, John Fleming is an expert when it comes to researching topics, crafting engaging content and clearly communicating key points to his audience. From packed comedy concert halls to formal function centres to intimate dining rooms, he has played to audiences all over the world and in every conceivable venue.

More about John Fleming:

John Fleming grew up in Melbourne, joining a church choir as a boy, where he gained a thorough knowledge of music theory and voice production. While studying for his bachelor degree in sciences at Monash University, he kept studying vocal production while beginning to compose for various group he was working with.

In 1988 John joined a vocal harmony group which immediately began touring the country. That group morphed and changed into what became the Scared Weird Little Guys and from 1990 began working in the comedy scene in Melbourne and touring overseas.

First to Canada, then to the US, stopping in for the Edinburgh fringe on a number of occasions, the Scaredies became favourites of Hey Hey it’s Saturday, but through the 90s went on to appear on every national TV variety show in the country. With their cheeky wit and musical brilliance, they clocked up over 300 shows almost every year they worked, clocking up over 5000 shows in total. The Scared Little Weird Guys were recognised with awards including an ARIA award, a Mo award, a NACA award (US college award) and multiple COCA awards (Canadian college award).

Since the Scaredies finished formally working in 2011, John has worked with Living Music, as a voice teacher, running drop-in choirs and songwriting workshops in Youth Justice centres across Victoria. He also worked with Wild at Heart, a not for profit group providing music and writing mentoring to people suffering mental health issues or otherwise marginalised. John has also directed a number of music festivals in Melbourne and worked part time at the City of Whittlesea as part of the events team there. He is part of the rock band Dirty Rascal with Grammy award winning drummer Jerry Speiser (Men at Work).

In 2015, John became involved with the Thin Green Line Foundation, a charity benefiting Park Rangers across the world. With over 1000 ranger deaths in the past 10 years, the aim of the foundation is to reduce that to zero by equipping, educating and otherwise supporting rangers in their work.

In 2019, John completed Engagement Essentials with IAP2 (the international association for public participation), gaining valuable skills and expertise in getting people engaged and participating.

With a quick wit, a sharp mind and great knowledge John is able to think on his feet, keep any event moving and any audience engaged. He regularly MCs gala nights as well as multi-day conferences, weaving in his musical ability wherever needed.

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