John Dengate

Environmentalist, media naturalist, author

John Dengate is a well-known environmentalist, media naturalist, author and TV personality who is never happier than when talking about plants and animals and the environment.

For more than two decades John presented a wildlife talkback segment on ABC radio and also presented wildlife and environmental segments on the long-running Burke’s Backyard TV show.

In 2009, after 30 years explaining to the public the work of state environment agencies, John retired as head of public affairs at the NSW Department of Environment and Climate Change. During this time, John was pleased to see the environment become a fundamental area of concern for every Australian company.

In 2009, John was honoured in the Queen’s Birthday honours list with the Public Service Medal of the Order of Australia for his long and outstanding contribution to public understanding of a wide range of environmental and conservation issues.

Since his retirement from public life, John’s rare knack for explaining to the community why the environment is important means he is still in demand as an after-dinner speaker, presenter and spokesperson on environmental matters. Entertaining, knowledgeable and enthusiastic, John is able to talk on just about any environment or nature-related topic.

John Dengate began his career with National Parks, telling farmers all about native animals and later worked at the Australian Museum and the Environment Protection Authority. He was a past councillor of the Royal Australian Ornithological Union (now Birds Australia), the patron of the Cumberland Bird Observers Club and has led ecotourism activities in Australia and overseas.

John Dengate has written books and numerous articles on natural history and the environment in Australia including Attracting Birds to Your Garden in Australia and Tiny Game Hunting: Environmentally Healthy Ways to Trap and Rid the Pests.

With such in-depth knowledge of wildlife and the environment and his experience and talent as a presenter, John is sure to keep any audience fascinated and entertained.

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