Joanna McMillan

Keynote Speaker, Dietician, Nutrition Scientist and Food Futurist

A PhD qualified nutrition scientist, accredited practising dietician and food futurist, Joanna is one of Australia’s favourite and most trusted health and wellbeing experts.

Jo has a natural ability to translate complex science into simple, everyday messages that engage & educate. With a powerful, passionate and relaxed presenting style, Dr Joanna holds the attention of audiences wherever she goes. Her versatility as a speaker has allowed her to deliver workshops and keynotes and to host and moderate large scale corporate and high-profile
public events.

Powered by science and research-based, Jo covers topics within the areas of nutrition and lifestyle medicine, including gut and heart health, brain function, and foods for the future to boost our health and longevity in a sustainable way that preserves the health of our planet. Jo’s goal is to inspire us all and give us the information and the tools to be able to embrace a healthy, active, longer and happier life.

How are we to feed the growing world population and do so in a sustainable way that looks after planetary health as well as our own? What foods are likely to feature in our diets within our lifetimes and what shifts will we have to make to our food systems and how we think about food? Dr Jo will share the insights from science and agriculture to give us a glimpse of the future and encourage us towards the foods and ways of eating that are on the right track for long happy lives on a flourishing planet earth.

Do you ever think about how your food, drink and lifestyle choices may be impacting your brain? Learn how to optimally fuel your brain to work at its best, improving your performance,  while slowing the ageing of the brain and reducing your risk of cognitive decline.

Until now we thought nutrition was all about us. Well, it turns out we have to think not just about fuelling ourselves optimally, but also fuelling our gut bugs, collectively called the gut microbiome. This session is all about harnessing the power of your gut microbiome to optimise your health and wellbeing.

Dr Jo will share with you the latest knowledge – busting myths and misconceptions along the way – on how food, drink, exercise, activity, stress and sleep can all influence not only your
health in the immediate and long-term, but also impact how you look and feel, driving energy levels and happiness, and in turn optimal productivity and performance.

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