JJ Ferrari

Business Woman, Change Agent and Keynote Speaker

JJ Ferrari is not your average keynote speaker, she takes the stage with absolute confidence, then she honestly, vulnerably and playfully brings people into her mesmerising stories to show them things about themselves and how we can become, attract and create in our lives.

JJ talks with her audiences like she’s your best friend who just happens to possess a lifetime of wisdom and experience you need to hear.

With a successful business background and a personal journey of triumph over adversity, JJ captivates audiences as she shares her story of transformation and resilience. From her high-powered executive life to her courageous gender transition, the subsequent loss of everything she held dear, only to getting back to high levels of success.

JJ’s journey is one of hope, empowerment, and the unwavering strength of the human spirit that your audience will love.

If you need a speaker who loves humans, has an intelligent, independent, but honest perspective and a wicked sense of humour, that’s JJ. She gets hired to speak to audiences because her experience has made her the sort of transition specialist and a unique perspective on life and human behaviour.

The biggest part of JJ’s heart gets activated when she has the opportunity to speak to an audience and make a difference in people’s lives.

What JJ speaks about

Happiness Mindset Authentic Living Strategies | Authentic Relationships | Building Resilience | Mental Health | More Days Happy

Ever felt those dizzying loops of uncertainty, fear, and those unexpected ‘Start Over’ moments?

I’m no sage, but I’m a great guide for navigating this adventure because I have weathered the storms of countless natural and self-imposed reinventions. From the awkward teenage chapters to those ‘I’ve got it all figured out’ moments (spoiler: I didn’t) to changing my whole life with a gender transition (that was not all rainbows and unicorns!). I’ve danced on a lot of life’s hot coal moments, but do you know what people don’t get? Everyone of those moments shapes me and you for the better or worse, depending on how we view it. How to Be Happy Being You.” is a transformative talk filled with actionable advice, real stories of perseverance and resilience and a sprinkle of JJ humour that sparks real change. Your audience will leave equipped with tangible steps to live a happier, more authentic life. Ready to make your event unforgettable? Let’s collaborate and create an experience that resonates long after the lights go down!

Key Takeaways

  • Practical Tools for Happiness: Attendees will acquire actionable strategies to cultivate happiness amidst life’s uncertainties and transitions.
  • Authenticity Empowerment: Insights to embrace authenticity, encouraging individuals to celebrate their uniqueness without apology.
  • Resilience & Adaptability: Techniques to navigate change effectively, fostering resilience and adaptability in diverse life situations.
  • Engaging & Memorable Experience: A dynamic, engaging presentation that leaves a lasting impact, inspiring audiences to initiate personal growth.
  • Actionable Steps for Transformation: Clear, actionable steps enabling attendees to implement learned strategies immediately, fostering a positive shift in their lives.

Overcoming Fear of Success |Harnessing Fear | Transform Fear into Confidence | Fear as an Ally |Understanding and Confronting Fear
I’ll start with the bad news. We never get rid of fear, it’s one of those things about the human mind we can’t change. On the other hand, the good news is we can learn to work with it, harness it and turn its power to our advantage. This presentation is about knowing fear, harnessing it and diminishing its power over us. What we don’t like about fear is that it seems huge, looming and uncontrollable and we feel powerless under its reign. I made a study of my own fears using myself as my experiment and dug into what it felt like fear was doing in my head and life and how it worked. I needed to know if it was like the old acronym says: False Evidence Appearing Real or if it was Actually Real. [I will tell you what I found in my presentation]. For now, let me say I’m glad you found this little introduction and I can tell you your audience’s view on fear will change by the end of it.

Key Takeaways

  • How JJ’s lack of understanding of fear nearly killed her during her transition
  • How to convert the power of fear into success
  • How Can Fear Help Us Make Better Decisions?
  • How discomfort and the unknown are often the gateways to new breakthroughs.

Personal Transformation | Comfort Zones | Building Resilience | Grow Through Uncertainty |Confidence

JJ Ferrari has endured a lot of change, but she also seeks out change and uses it to create the life she wants. Change is an inherent and indispensable part of life, and it’s not always easy. It’s a force that can bring about discomfort, uncertainty, and even pain. However, in the midst of this turbulence, there is a beauty that can be found. The beauty of change lies in its ability to transform us, to push us out of our comfort zones, and to help us discover new things about ourselves. Embracing change means embracing the ups and downs that come with it. It means being open to the unexpected, even when things don’t go as planned. In fact, it’s often in those moments of uncertainty that we discover some of the most beautiful and transformative aspects of change. By embracing change, we learn to adapt and become more resilient. We learn to find joy and beauty in the unexpected, even when things don’t go the way we had hoped. And we find that, ultimately, change helps us to grow and evolve into the best versions of ourselves.

Key Takeaways

  • How to find opportunities for change instead of just enduring it. Actively look for ways to create the life you desire.
  • Understanding discomfort is part of the change process and how to embrace it as a sign of growth rather than avoiding it.
  • How to be open to unexpected outcomes and deviations from plans. Often, these moments hold valuable lessons and opportunities.
  • How to develop adaptability skills by confronting small changes. It strengthens your resilience for bigger shifts.
  • How to make time to reflect on the changes you’ve experienced. Acknowledge your growth and use it as a compass for further personal evolution.

Leverage Personal Strengths | Identify Core Weaknesses | Proactive Allyship Skills | Inclusive Business Culture | Ideal Ally Identification
The Everyday Ally is a culture-changing presentation that provides audiences with a unique process JJ created when she herself needed allies. She discovered something interesting, she discovered people around her needed “her” to be an ally for them, so they could understand her transition and tap into her skills, talents and experience to help them in their life and career. JJ’s presentation highlights the universal truth, we ALL have a need for allies. JJ shows how to choose the best allies to assist in conquering your core weaknesses and how to find and use your strengths to assist others on their journey. When applied within a business culture, this approach creates an immediate fostering of inclusion. Through this engaging presentation, attendees will learn how to make a lasting impact on their world around them. .

Key Takeways

  • Discover your individual star strengths and core weaknesses for growth and fulfilment.
  • Use your star strengths to become a proactive and influential ally.
  • Recognise allyship’s critical role in fostering genuine inclusion and belonging.
  • Determine the ideal ally to enhance your biggest weaknesses, unlocking your fullest potential.

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