JJ Ferrari

Business Woman, Change Agent and Keynote Speaker

JJ Ferrari is a professional speaker who brings a unique and inspiring perspective to her presentations.

But she’s not your average keynote speaker, she takes the stage with absolute confidence, then she honestly, vulnerably and playfully brings people into her mesmerising stories to show them things about themselves and how we can become, attract and create so much more. JJ talks with her audiences like she’s your best friend who just happens to possess a treasure trove of wisdom and insight.

With a diverse business background and a personal journey of triumph over adversity, JJ captivates audiences as she shares her story of transformation and resilience. From her high-powered executive life to her courageous gender transition, the subsequent loss of everything she held dear, to getting back to high levels of success, JJ’s journey is one of hope, empowerment, and the unwavering strength of the human spirit.

More about JJ Ferrari

  • CEO for Anthony Robbins AU
  • Interim CEO and executive of three companies in three countries
  • International Sales Trainer and Speaker
  • Coached and advised businesses in over 140 different industries
  • Wrote Selling You and used it to train 10,000 long-term unemployed individuals to new results
  • Managed 300 seat call centres for high-end and luxury clients
  • Executive performance coach for corporations like PwC, St George Bank and KPMG
  • Expansion marketing strategist for major brands in Australia and abroad
  • 2016 TEDx Melbourne presentation, “Your Secret Self,” received a standing ovation
  • CEO and Founder of Dance Monkey Design

What JJ speaks about

  • BECOME. ATTRACT CREATE. Lessons From A Lifetime of Change
  • Fear into Confidence
  • The Everyday Ally – Fostering Inclusion and Personal Growth
  • Leading From Personal Transformation
  • The Communicator’s Edge – Influencing and Persuading Yourself and Others to Win and Succeed

Client testimonials

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