Jim Penman

Founder of Jim's Mowing business

Jim Penman is the masterful mind behind Jim’s Group, one of the world’s largest franchises and one of Australia’s most famous and trusted brands. With 3,414 Franchisees and growing, Jim’s Group is the largest Franchise group in Australia.

Jim speaks passionately to his audiences about the key to success in franchising how to deliver exemplary customer service.

More about Jim Penman and Jim’s Group:

Jim’s Group began in 1982 as Jim’s Mowing – a one-man business established with a $30,000 debt and a marketing budget of $24.

Jim soon had more work than he could handle and began taking on subcontractors. Because customer turnover made it difficult to build a major business on this basis, he gradually shifted his focus to building up and selling lawn-mowing rounds.

To sell these more effectively, Jim Penman began offering forms of support and training, establishing a kind of pseudo franchise but without ongoing fees.
The shift to full franchising came in 1989, from a desire to offer better customer service, and with the threat of competition from the arrival of the Adelaide based VIP Home Services Group.

The franchise proved surprisingly successful, with sixty franchisees operating by the end of the first year and a presence in all Australian states within three years. Jim’s Cleaning was launched in 1994, followed by dog wash, handyman, fencing and over 39 other divisions that now operate in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United Kingdom.

Jim says the key to success in franchising is an overriding concern for the welfare of both franchisees. He is also a passionate speaker on customer service. He remains actively involved in running the business.

Jim is married, has ten children, drives a 26-year-old car and is funding a University research program into the biological underpinnings of social behaviour. His achievements are an example of a great Australian success story.

Jim Penman talks about:

  • The power of franchising
  • Achieving the highest level of customer service

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