Jeremy Meltzer

Founder & CEO, i=Change, Entrepreneur & Keynote Presenter

One of Australia’s leading entrepreneurs and speaker on purpose-led business, Jeremy Meltzer is the Founder and CEO of i=Change.

What began as a 3am idea 8 years ago, i=Change now works with Australia’s largest retailers and NGOs, has raised over $6m, impacting the lives of up to 1.3m people in 14 countries.

Jeremy’s story is a powerful example of peering over the horizon, believing there must be a better way, and deciding to build it.

More about Jeremy Meltzer:

Jeremy challenges and inspires audiences to connect with their ‘why’; that although this fragile time can feel overwhelming, there’s an exciting and unique contribution we can make each day.

As we emerge from the pandemic into an era of climate change and collective uncertainty, Jeremy speaks passionately about the opportunity to lead, to extend the arc of our thinking, to harness the idea that “we are not a drop in the ocean, we are the ocean in a drop”.

With unique case studies reflecting how consumer behavior is profoundly changing, and the benefits for businesses when meeting our expectations to shop brands that are building a better world, Jeremy bridges head and heart, with a powerful call to action for our time.

At age 21, Jeremy lived in Cuba and saw significant violence against women. This lit a fire that would drive the next 20 years of his life and inspire i=Change.

Jeremy’s determination to create a new funding stream for women & girls’ empowerment – and now climate change projects – is turning e-commerce into a ‘force for good’ while revealing a new, more viable business model.

Jeremy highlights the global movement calling business to solve the most pressing issues of our time. As consumer behaviour and expectations have changed, Jeremy shares the data, opportunities and unexpected ROI.

Jeremy powerfully connects hearts and minds, ultimately inspiring audiences to connect with their ‘why’ – to bring passion and purpose to their life and work each day.

i=Change won Best Charity Initiative finalist 2021, Social Entrepreneur of the Year finalist 2019, Optus ‘Innovator of the Year’ 2019, featured in VOGUE and Sky News, Australia Post’s ‘Best Bootstrapped Growth Initiative’, Lift Off’s ‘Star of Social Impact’ and Finder Award’s ‘Best Shopping Innovation’.

Jeremy has given a TED Talk on the importance of empowering women and girls, has been featured in VOGUE and SKY News. i=Change has won numerous social impact awards.

Jeremy Meltzer speaks about:

  • Leadership & entrepreneurship
  • Purpose-led business & consumer behaviour
  • Social & environmental impact
  • Technology & sustainability

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