Jeremy Fernandez

Journalist, TV Producer, News Anchor & MC

Jeremy Fernandez loves people. He loves talking to people, finding out about their lives and getting insights into their minds. An accomplished journalist, TV producer and news anchor, he’s interviewed world leaders about major events as well as every day heroes who have been impacted by the world around them.

Equally as comfortable on stage as he is in front of the camera, Jeremy Fernandez is a seriously professional MC, presenter, judge and facilitator. His talents have been showcased over a long list of engagements which include the 2014 NSW state reception for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge; the 2015 and 2016 Australian of the Year Awards; The media launch for the City of Sydney’s 2016 New Year’s Eve fireworks; the 2014 & 2015 NSW Premier’s Spelling Bee; and the 2015 NSW Premier’s Multicultural Media Awards.

More about Jeremy Fernandez:

Jeremy Fernandez’s career projector has been impressive. Having begun life in Australia as a migrant student, he worked as a kitchenhand, then went on to become a voice over artist before stepping up as a radio producer, and then an ABC presenter. With all of these accomplishments under his belt, Jeremy now specialises in live events and rolling multi-platform news coverage, having worked in Perth, Melbourne and London and with The Seven Network, The ABC, Australia Network, and CNN.

Jeremy has presented and reported in the field, for some of the nation’s most complex and demanding broadcasts including successive state and federal elections and budgets, the Brexit referendum, the Anzac Day centenary, Sydney’s Martin Place siege, Melbourne’s Commonwealth Games, and Perth’s Claremont Serial Killer investigation.

Jeremy has also offered his services to various charitable and community organisations including Room To Read, The Australian Human Rights Commission, The Australian Network on Disability, The Top Blokes Foundation, Mindframe, Suicide Prevention Australia, and Dress for Success.

Above all, Jeremy is proud of his heritage and stands ready to encourage all people to achieve their potential. As a young man, some told him he would never make it in broadcasting because of the colour of his skin. Jeremy says he is humbled by the many people who broke barriers before him, and by those who tell him that his career trajectory gives them hope for themselves and their children.

Jeremy speaks conversational Malay, and has earned degrees from Curtin University and the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts.

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