Jay Wymarra

Comedian, Writer, Drag Queen, Creative

Jay Wymarra is a formidable presence on any stage. Whether hosting, MC’ing, performing stand-up comedy, acting or gracing the stage as his fabulous drag alter-ego, “Rhianna Mation,” Jay is a crowd favourite. He is a unique voice in the entertainment space and a staunch activist for the rights of people across all spectrums.

The son of a former Foreign Affairs diplomat, Jay Wymarra was exposed to many aspects of Australian and international cultures from a young age. He applies this unique insight into both his comedic work and his advocacy. Tracing back to the Saibai Koedal people of Saibai Island, along with the Meriam people of Murray Island and the Gudang/Yadaykenu people of Cape York, Pajinka, and Somerset, Jay has been back and participated in events and gathering in all of these locations.

Jay’s career has seen him collecting accolades wherever he goes and whatever shape his art takes. His writing career is growing and includes writing and directing several short films, sketches for GetUp! (in collaboration with Steph Tisdell, where he performed an educational video to further the conversation around Australia Day and performed as all six characters), participating in writers rooms and joke passes for comedy scripts, and his whip-smart wit has seen his solo show “Torres Queer” performed throughout Australia.

He has recently been spotted in a speaking role on ABC’s Rosehaven, narrating for The Ironing Maidens: A Soap Opera, and after performing on the Deadly Funny Grand Final twice, Jay is quickly becoming a Melbourne International Comedy Festival favourite – performing as part of the prestigious up and coming line up show “Comedy Zone” in 2022 and travelling throughout Australia with the Melbourne International Comedy Festival roadshow.

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