Janella Purcell

Lifestyle food nutrition expert and cookbook author

Janella Purcell is a qualified naturopath, nutritionist, herbalist, iridologist and chef who has been working in the world of wholefoods and natural health since a young age.

Janella is passionate about healthy eating, about eating food that is as close to the way nature created it as possible, and – most importantly – about making wholefoods easy, enticing and delicious.

For Janella, there is no doubt that the food we eat affects your health and state of mind. On top of that, even the most healthy, natural foods can make you sick simply because you are not eating them correctly.

She studied and qualified in Naturopathy, Nutrition and Herbal Medicine in 1995, then later in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Kinesiology. She practises from her clinics in Surry Hills in Sydney and Bangalow, just 10 minutes from her home town of Byron Bay.

While studying Natural Medicine she cooked in a vegan restaurant, eventually becoming a wholefood chef. After graduating, Janella worked in an organic food store in Sydney where she really learnt about the retail products available and different diets – from Macrobiotic, vegan, anti-Candida, gluten and dairy free – to appropriate foods for coeliacs, athletes, children and babies and pregnant and nursing Mums.

Janella Purcell’s belief in keeping food whole led her to mainstream media in the hope to educate others on the virtues of keeping it clean and toxin free.

Janella’s TV career started on Channel 9’s The Today Show and Mornings with Kerrie Anne in 2001. She then went onto filming her own series called Get A Life, four series of Good Chef Bad Chef, The Biggest Loser and What’s Good For You.

Janella teaches us how to achieve sustainable and permanent wellness through her private practice, award-winning books, social and print media, TV and radio.

Janelle is an award-winning cookbook author. Her first book was the award-winning Janella Purcell’s Elixir (2004) and her best-selling and award-winning recipe book, Eating for the Seasons, was published in 2011. Janella’s Wholefood Kitchen was shortlisted in the ‘International Gourmand Awards’ in the ‘Best Health and Nutrition’ Category. Eating for The Seasons won in this category in 2011. Wholefoods for The Whole World was released September 2014.

Janella Purcell shows us how it is possible to live a healthy and balanced life – easily, affordably and practically – and she makes it empowering and fun.

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