James Reyne

Legendary Singer Songwriter

James Reyne is one of Australia’s most loved singer songwriters. In addition to recording platinum albums and performing live across the country, James has worked on a diverse range of projects, including hosting the first series of Dig TV on ABC 2 and recording material for two Children’s books – Mr Froggy Went A Courtin’ and Save the Bones for Harry Jones.

Jame’s song-writing, coupled with his idiosyncratic vocal style, has enabled him to transcend the disposability of music industry fashion and carve his place in the musical landscape of Australia. He is regarded as one of the country’s more unique, witty, thoughtful and challenging singer songwriters.

Jame Reyne’s musical career kicked off in the eighties when he and friends formed the band Australian Crawl. With his prolific song writing and unique vocal style, James led the band to the top of the Australian music scene. The band’s popularity skyrocketed.

All Australian Crawl albums achieved Top 5 status and won numerous band, music and video awards while James was recognized as the best male vocalist for three years running. He also won acclaim as a songwriter, with his song Reckless earning him a place in the league of homegrown greats.

When Australian Crawl split in 1986, James headed to the USA and Europe before returning to Australia in 1988. His first self-titled album went triple platinum and included three top 10 singles. In the following years James released two more solo albums, Hard Reyne and Electric Digger Dandy, which effortlessly mirrored the success of the first.

Having performed with notable Australian musicians including Daryl Braithwaite, Jef Scott and Simon Hussey, in 1986 James recorded The Whiff of Bedlam in the US with renowned producer Stewart Levine. James continues to perform and record with CDs including And The Horse You Rode In On and Every Man A King.

Throughout his career, James Reyne has appeared in several and varied theatrical, film and television productions and concert events, including Return to Eden, Tina; Whats Love Got to Do With It?, the television drama State Coroner and The Little Shop of Horrors.

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