James Lisica

Futurist, Keynote Speaker and Supply Chain Thought Leader

James Lisica is an internationally recognised Futurist, Keynote Speaker, and Supply Chain Thought Leader possessing over 25 years of operational, analytical, and commercial experience. He specialises in assisting organisations in developing strategies that reduce costs, enable digital transformation, improve operating efficiencies and deliver game-changing competitive advantages.

James began his journey in the supply chain industry in the 1990s. Honing his knowledge from the ground up in operations before taking on senior management roles with Agility, OOCL and Maersk. In 2012 he moved to Gartner, where he worked for over a decade. He was fundamental in building out their supply chain offering, taking the lead role in developing their foundational maturity models, now used by companies in every corner of the world. During his tenure, clients consistently ranked him as their top supply chain speaker, and his sessions at conferences are always highly sought after.

Most recently, he founded Supply Chain On-Demand. A future-focused think tank supporting supply chain innovation through collaborative research and pioneering thought leadership. Over his extensive career, James has studied and worked with the world’s leading organisations, serving as a trusted strategic adviser to hundreds of multinationals, government agencies, universities, and technology providers.

James talks about

James covers a wide range of topics about the future, innovation, technology, and corporate strategy.

  • The New Normal: Flourishing in the post-pandemic world.
  • Supply Chain Strategy: Exploring future markets and developing innovative capabilities.
  • Digital Transformation: Implementing digital roadmaps to disrupt the disruptors.
  • Technology & Innovation: Faster, more proficient with deeper intelligence.
  • Sustainability (CSR & ESG): Pioneering ethical, responsible, and sustainable profitability.
  • Customer Trends: Delivering tomorrow’s customer experiences today.

These topics (plus many more) can be covered individually for deeper insight or combined to deliver a holistic overview of emerging trends impacting the world’s supply chains.

Below is an overview of James’ most sought-after presentations.

CONQUERING THE NEW NORMAL – The pandemic has been a double-edged sword for global supply chains. Whilst elevating the function’s value, for many companies, it also unmasked glaring capability gaps. E-commerce readiness, lack of core systems, disparate data, fragmented networks, and limited automation all opened the door for more agile and technologically enabled competitors.

In this presentation, James covers how the global business landscape is evolving post-Covid and the role technology, data, and people play in conquering the “New Normal”.

THE AGE OF INTELLIGENT DATA – In an age of autonomous machines, AI, hyper-connected customers and digital ecosystems, data has become the currency of tomorrow. Organisations capable of extracting data from their end-to-end ecosystems and harnessing it to drive intelligent solutions will dominate the future. Evolving in ways their competitors simply will not.

In this presentation, James covers the capabilities organisations need to develop to harness intelligent data and how they leverage it to drive profitability, growth and competitive advantage.

SUSTAINING PROFITS BY PROFITING SUSTAINABLY – We live in a world facing unprecedented environmental and social challenges. It is no longer enough to produce the best products to survive. The way governments, consumers, and investors view value is rapidly shifting. Companies embracing ethical and sustainable innovation will soon wield a weapon that drives efficiencies, cements brand value and opens up profitable new markets.

In this presentation, James covers how organisations can shift from historical strategies focused on sustaining profits to ones that create new capabilities to profit from sustainability.

WINNING TOMORROWS CUSTOMERS TODAY – Consumers are becoming hyper-connected, influential, tech-savvy and empowered. There is a tectonic shift in how customers perceive value. This move towards digital experiences over physical products, convenience over brands, personalisation over scale and innovation over heritage requires a radical shift in strategic approach organisations need to prepare for today.

In this presentation, James covers the dynamic trends moulding the customers of the future and the things they will value while outlining the strategic milestones organisations should target if they want to win now.

MASTERING THE DIGITAL WORLD – Our world is now undeniably digital. New technologies have already made our lives unrecognisable from even 20 years ago. The pace at which disruptive technologies arrive is accelerating – changing the face of entire industries along the way. New business models are creating new value, and organisations must adapt quickly.

In this presentation, James covers the evolving digital landscape, the emerging technologies changing the face of supply chains, and the capabilities companies need to develop to master the digital age.

FROM AUTOMATION TO SYNCHRONISATION – With emerging developments in digital, we are entering a time where supply chains will be capable of reacting and executing in real time. Synchronising supply and demand data in harmony to drive autonomous physical assets. The idea of self-regulating, autonomous, and intelligent supply chains is becoming a reality.

In this presentation, James covers the emergence of synchronisation in the supply chain arena, the key technologies driving it, and how companies can develop the future’s autonomous, intelligent supply chains.


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