James Lamont

Amazing acrobat, strongman, entertainer

James Lamont has successfully traveled the world performing to audiences as an acrobat, strong man and entertainer.

James Lamont has created his own unique style that successfully blends the old with the new, drawing on three generations of entertainment. James Lamont’s grandfather performed Houdini style escapology.

His father became a champion diver working with Johnny Wiessmuller in aqua shows around the world and eventually formed a trampoline act.

Primarily an acrobat, James Lamont is best known for his hand balancing skills.

James Lamont’s performance, encompasses amazing feats of strength and balance, unique tricks such as the upside down juggle and traditional cigar box juggling, accompanied with comedic patter from silly sock-juggling to dangerous razor sharp machetes.

His segments involving audience participation are guaranteed to result in mayhem and laughter.

James Lamont is also an expert in the field of aqua shows. James has performed at exhibitions, conventions and theme parks in the “Big Splash Aqua Show”. His performance includes trick diving, underwater escapology (Houdini style), underwater tea party (featured on the Doug Mulray Show), and the thrilling climax – a 40 foot dive into just six feet of water.

James Lamont’s tricks are performed with suggestion and good clean innuendo, leaving the audience to conjure there own conclusions.

James Lamont has the expertise to customise his show to suit a client’s function or can adapt a version to suit any product. James is often required to help co-ordinate entertainment for trade shows, corporate functions and major outdoor events. James’ act is suitable for any occasion or event.

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