Jacques Barrett


Jacques Barrett is dynamite! Sydney based, he is internationally known for his ability to read any crowd, adapt to them, and throw relentless, sharp comedy blows.

A big thinker, Jacques weaves character renditions into social commentary, in the process encouraging audiences to think deeply about contemporary issues – while all the time laughing at his brilliantly comical delivery.

Jacques is constantly evolving his stage act. His ability to write cutting edge topical material and deliver it in any medium has put him at the forefront of the Australian comedy circuit.

More about Jacques Barrett:

Jacques built his career in Australia as a club comic in Sydney. When he performed with the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, he was heralded as one of the hottest young comics in Australia and engaged for the Festival’s showcase ‘Comedy Zone’ at the 2010 Festival.

This was followed by a five-week stint on the Comedy Festival Roadshow. Touring around Australia, Jacques proved himself to be an original and unique performer who was widely appreciated by diverse Australian audiences.

Jacques made it to the semi finals of Raw Comedy in 2006 and to the grand final of the 2Day FM Australian Comedy God Competition in 2005. He also made it into the final five in Rove’s Golden Nut Comedy Awards. Following the 2Day FM Comedy God competition, Jacques and another contestant, James Rochford, were hand-picked by Pete Helliar and Judith Lucy to take their comedy to both stage and radio with their comedy show The Wagon on 2day FM 2005 – 2006. This was followed by a co-hosting role with Jim as field reporters on Channel 9’s late night gem Ralph TV in 2007.

More recently, Jacques has honed his stagecraft on the world stage, with a tour stopping off in South East Asia, South Africa, Romania, Prague, Switzerland, Croatia, Estonia, Helsinki, England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales… Crushing shows and blowing minds the world over, he’s a master craftsman and not to be missed.

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