Jackie Furey

Psychotherapist, Speaker & Executive Coach

Jackie Furey is the director of bedrooms to boardrooms® – her business specialises in assisting people to bring out the best in themselves and the people around them in love, life and work.

She is a university-trained psychotherapist based in Sydney Australia. Jackie is considered a specialist in the area of personal and professional relationships, in Australia and internationally.

Jackie travels extensively delivering keynote presentations, facilitating workshops, and conducting individual and group consultations. In the past eight years she has spoken in over thirty major cities around the world. The feedback she has received has been nothing short of spectacular. She cites her Irish heritage with giving her the ability to get the story from the bedroom to the boardroom® across to her audience in an entertaining and enlightening way.

For three years Jackie hosted Australia’s number one relationship talkback radio show “bedrooms to boardrooms®”. When her busy schedule allows she continues to make appearances on radio and television. Her opinions are frequently cited in the print media on topical issues. She has also made a documentary with the ABC called “Welcome to Intimacy” which was bought by the BBC UK.

For the past twelve years she has conducted a successful private practice. It is said that engaging with Jackie Furey is a truly rewarding experience. She has earned global respect from clients and peers for her insight into the human mind and sensitivity for human life.

Whether on stage before thousands, working with a group, or with an individual Jackie Furey will provide a memorable performance – one not to be missed.

Jackie Furey talks about:

  • Bedrooms to Boardrooms: It’s all about Performance
  • Corporate behaviour and business objectives
  • Emotional Intelligence for Leaders
  • Keys to Peak Professional and Personal Performance
  • Fundamentals of Team Success
  • Achieving balance between the personal and professional
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Aligning people’s (professional) goals with corporate strategy
  • Stress management – conduct meditation/creative visualisation workshop
  • Goal setting objectives – for management groups
  • Conflict resolution – facilitation workshops
  • Why we do what we do with who – a look at 24 hrs in the life of a human!
  • A check up from the neck up – what is going on in our heads (and the heads of others!!)

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