Jackie Furey

Enlightened Psychotherapist, Speaker and Radio Host

Jackie Furey has an enviable reputation for her outstanding presentations, workshops and consultations. Her expert knowledge of human behaviour and motivation is grounded in training as a psychotherapist.

Jackie Furey is known for her wisdom, wit and down-to-earth approach. She helps individuals maximise performance in their personal lives and in their professional careers. Jackie Furey also assists organisations to align the professional and personal goals of staff with their overall corporate strategy.

Jackie’s talk-back radio show Bedrooms to Boardrooms on MIX106.5 was considered by many to be Australia’s number one Relationship show. Callers chat with Jackie about life, love and work and what matters to them most.

Jackie Furey’s opinion on relationships and topical issues is regularly sourced for television and print media. In the late 1990’s she took part in the making of the Award Winning documentary Welcome to Intimacy.

Jackie has a passion for understanding the people of the companies and industries she addresses. Her customised presentations break down barriers and instill unity, teamwork and an optimistic and professional attitude amongst staff.

Whether on stage before thousands, working with a handful of senior executives in the boardroom or facilitating workshops on the factory floor, Jackie engages the audiences’ attention with thought-provoking insights, rich content, and humorous anecdotes.

Jackie Furey talks about:

  • Bedrooms to Boardrooms: It’s all about Performance
  • Corporate behaviour and business objectives
  • Emotional Intelligence for Leaders
  • Keys to Peak Professional and Personal Performance
  • Fundamentals of Team Success
  • Achieving balance between the personal and professional
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Aligning people’s (professional) goals with corporate strategy
  • Stress management – conduct meditation/creative visualisation workshop
  • Goal setting objectives – for management groups
  • Conflict resolution – facilitation workshops
  • Why we do what we do with who – a look at 24 hrs in the life of a human!
  • A check up from the neck up – what is going on in our heads (and the heads of others!!)

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