Jack Gray

Director & Entrepreneurial Academic

Professor Jack Gray is a Director and Special Advisor of Brookvine, a specialist adviser on alternative assets; Adjunct Professor at the Centre for Capital Market Dysfunctionality, University of Technology Sydney; Independent adviser to pension funds in Australia and North America.

Renowned as an entrepreneurial academic and inspirational teacher, Jack has the rare ability to clearly communicate the most complex abstract ideas in a vigorous, engaging way.

Jack is regularly invited to speak at international and domestic conferences on investing as well as other economic topics. His presentations are edgy, fresh and thought provoking. Jack has spoken at nearly 200 conferences in 18 countries and regularly publishes in both popular and professional journals.

More about Jack Gray:

Jack Gray enjoyed an intellectually promiscuous academic career for 20-years, mainly at the University of New South Wales in pure mathematics, mathematical physics, the history of science and mathematics education. He was recognised as the most inspirational teacher to all levels including raucous and unwilling engineering students.

An entrepreneurial academic, Jack established a centre that consulted to industry on mathematical, statistical and computational problems. This led to consulting work with McKinsey on ‘real options’ and a passion for financial mathematics.

At the age of 44, Jack moved from academia to work at AMP Asset Management in Sydney, initially as a ‘quant’ before taking on a variety of roles that included quant research, business strategy, marketing and client relations. He was appointed as a Director of AMP Asset Management and often called on as a speaker

Jack Gray moved from AMP in Sydney to Boston to take up a strategic role with GMO as product specialist for global asset allocation and international quantitative equities. He was also appointed to the firm’s UK investment committee and became renowned as a powerful public speaker on a range of investment related topics.

After 5 years in Boston, Jack became the first Chief Investment Officer of Sunsuper, a now $14b fund, in Sydney. Two years later he re-joined GMO commuting between Sydney, Boston and London as Co-Director of Asset Allocation.

Jack is a founding member of the Q Group Australia, a member of the Research Committee of the International Centre for Pension Management, University of Toronto, a member of the Advisory Board of the Centre for Mathematical and Statistical Complexity, University of Melbourne, and a Director of Janchor, a Pan Asian hedge fund in Hong Kong set up by one of his ex students.

In 1969 Jack stood for Parliament for the forerunner of the Democrats. He is one of Australia’s Special Representatives for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, along with Ian Chappell and Mark Schwartzer.

Jack Gray talks about:

Jack Gray’s presentations are known for their smooth integration of information, challenge, and entertainment. With a remarkable ability to read an audience, he tailors his presentations to ensure they are absolutely engaging.

Jack uses humour to enliven and illustrate his message and only ever relies on power point charts and cartoons to make a point. Fresh and edgy, he inspires lateral thought and indepth questions.

Jack Gray speaks about investments in the broad sense covering everything from the importance of character and temperament to all aspects of behaviour and it’s impact on decision-making to the economics of happiness to the history of markets and how they work to ethics in society.

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