Jack Daly

Sales and Business Growth Specialist

Jack Daly delivers explosive presentations, interactive workshops and lively training sessions that inspire audiences to take action in the areas of sales, sales management, customer loyalty and personal motivation.

Jack Daly leads with content, delivers with contagious enthusiasm, and leaves his audiences both wanting more and committed to taking action.

Jack Daly brings 20+ years of field-proven experience. As the head of sales, Jack has led sales forces numbering in the thousands, operating out of hundreds of offices.

An inspirational leader of people and builder of companies, Jack Daly’s CEO experience in leading several national companies translates to a speaker who truly speaks from experience.

Jack Daly believes that success is by design, not chance. He has created several programs to help companies realize greater sales and profits!

Thousands of companies and professionals have benefited personally, financially, and professionally using the concepts Jack teaches.

Some of Jack’s presentations that can help get your sales team in gear include:

Smart Selling Through Value

Smart Selling through Value provides field-proven, added-value strategies for productivity improvement while bonding long-term client relationships. These relationships result in repeat business and, therefore, reduced sales and marketing costs.

Coaching Companies to Greater Sales and Profits

Your sales force is only as good as your sales leadership. This training is designed to make positive results happen through more profitable selling. The emphasis is on street-tested (not theory) sales management techniques that are immediately implementable.

Client testimonials

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