Ivan Colhoun


Ivan Colhoun is a highly regarded commercial Chief Economist with exceptional relationship skills who is a trusted advisor to customers ranging from small businesses to large investment funds and from multinational organisations to high net-worth individuals.

Passionate about making economics simple he is an expert at forecasting the Australian economy and monetary policy and has a keen interest in getting markets right.

Ivan has experience across a wide range of industry sectors including Property, Retail, Aviation and Tourism.

Ivan’s career has involved a variety of very senior economics positions at major Australian commercial banks and a major international investment bank. Somewhat unusually compared to other Australian market economists, He has also worked in industry including for Qantas and Virgin Australia, as well as consulting to SEEK and IATA. He has built up top-ranked Australian research teams at Deutsche Bank, ANZ and NAB with a particular focus on customer service.

Predicting Australia’s transition to low inflation in the early 1990s, the Global Financial Crisis recession in the late 2000s and the quicker than expected recovery from COVID and early rise in interest rates in 2022 are economic career highlights. These all derived from the application of good commonsense and a desire to understand what was really driving developments in the economy rather than simply relying on models.

His skills can be used across a broad range of roles, including financial markets economics and market strategy, aviation and tourism, commercial and residential property, and retail, in all of consulting, executive and non-executive, and investor relations positions and is an extremely experienced economics presenter

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