Ian Thomas

African Game Ranger

Ian Thomas is a game ranger from Africa who has studied lions at close quarters for over twenty years. He is also a business graduate and international keynote speaker.

A dynamic and inspiring presenter, Ian Thomas delivers presentations packed with valuable content that everyone can relate to. Believing that business people can absorb and learn from the animal kingdom, Ian’s presentation are a unique learning experience providing sound business sense interlaced with humour and stories.

A frequent guest on television and radio, Ian Thomas is the author of The Power of the Pride. He is also one of South Africa’s foremost wildlife photographers.

In demand in South Africa and internationally, Ian Thomas has consulted to numerous worldwide companies including IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Springbok Rugby Team, Canada Life, Sigma, Colonial, TMI, MUSE and Glynwed Metals.

Ian Thomas talks about:

The Power of the Pride (Teamwork)
A riveting and informative account of how lions, the only cats that hunt in teams, can be compared with business teams. This presentation examines how the success of a team is because of the individual and the success of the individual is because of the team.

The Spoor of Success (Strategy)
While working as a game ranger, in order to satisfy his customers Ian Thomas had to create a strategy that enabled him to find lions on a daily basis. Conceiving a strategy that was both fun and a financial success, Ian presents the true thrust of competitive advantage – to see from the customers’ point of view.

Adapting to Change (Thriving on Change)
The only real security in an era of rapid change, is the ability to read the change and devise a plan to thrive within it. Change can present itself as either a threat or an opportunity. Ian Thomas’ presentation illustrates how lions successfully avoid dangerous threats while creating opportunities to thrive.

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