Ian Leslie OAM

MC, Corporate Communicator and Award-Winning Journalist

Ian Leslie was one of the original reporters on the 60 Minutes team and is regarded one of Australia’s most outstanding broadcast journalists and corporate communicators.

An exciting keynote speaker, Ian Leslie draws on a journey of extraordinary experiences to breathe new life into conferences, seminars, and trade functions.

As a corporate presenter, Ian speaks the language of corporate Australia and as a facilitator, Ian knows which questions to ask, to whom and when, resulting in lively informative sessions.

Perfectly suited to present business visions and strategies, Ian Leslie is a highly skilled communicator whose credibility and sound journalistic principles make him ideal for any occasion.

And as an MC, Ian brings his unique style, integrity and an acute sense of humour.

One of Australia’s most acclaimed broadcast journalists, Ian was the face of Woolworths for Australia’s most successful public share float; Arnott’s turned to him to help restore public confidence when they were faced with a crisis and The Victorian Government used Ian to launch its electricity privatisation scheme.

A recipient of seven awards for distinguished journalism – including Australia’s most coveted honour for journalism, the Walkley Award – and three-time Logie winner, Ian Leslie’s breadth of experience and journalistic integrity have earned him universal respect. His extraordinary 47-year career in journalism was recognised in 2009 when he was awarded an Order of Australia (OAM) for his services to the media and to the community.

About Ian Leslie:

Ian Leslie began his career in journalism as a cadet journalist and trainee cine cameraman in Toowoomba Queensland in the 60s. Having attained the position of News Editor, he made the move to Sydney to become a senior reporter with the Ten Network. In 1977 Ian joined the Nine Network as a reporter with A Current Affair before being appointed as one of the three original reporters on the 60 Minutes Team, joining Ray Martin and George Negus in a program that made television history.

Ian’s 60 Minutes highlights include covering conflicts in most of the world’s major trouble spots (Uganda, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Lebanon, Thailand, Cambodia, Philippines, Burma, Korea, Indonesia, Afghanistan and Northern Ireland) and interviewing many world leaders including Moraji Desai (India), Benazir Bhutto (Pakistan), Ferdinand Marcos (Philippines) and Presidents Beniza, Obote, Muzeweri (Uganda). His most notable coup was an interview with Anwar Sadat, President of Egypt and Camp David fame.

Ian rejoined Ten Network in 1989 to form his own documentary and special projects unit, later becoming anchor for the Ten Evening News. In 2005, Ian was chosen by Fox Television as the anchor for the award-winning series Running on Empty on the Weather Channel. The series had a major impact on the NSW Government’s decision not to desalinate Sydney’s water supply and won best short documentary category, ASTRA Awards, for subscription television.

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