Hugh Macfarlane

Strategic Marketing ‘Funnel Guy'

Hugh Macfarlane is the founder and managing partner of MathMarketing, the Australian strategic marketing planning company that advises Telstra, Optus, IBM, Computer Associates, Compaq, Oracle, BRW, AAPT, GE, CPA and others.

Previously, Hugh was responsible for the Internet business of Digital Equipment Corporation in the South Pacific where his team of sales/marketing, technical support and consulting personnel helped Digital’s customers and partners capitalise on the potential of the Internet and its commercial capabilities. Hugh grew Digital’s annual revenues from this segment from $2 million to $35 million over 18 months.

Hugh has now led over 300 marketing strategy projects in five continents for other businesses pursuing growth.

With this kind of expertise, Hugh Macfarlane is an experienced and entertaining public speaker on a range of sales and marketing topics and is frequently voted #1 or #2 speaker at multi-speaker events. He has delivered over 60 conference addresses, seminars, and keynote presentations on topics from ecommerce and business-to-business marketing to thousands of people since 1996.

Hugh’s favourite topic and passion is the sales funnel – he’s known as ‘the funnel guy.’ His message is simple: Earn more customers by aligning sales & marketing to the way businesses buy. He has also trained B2B marketers throughout Asia Pacific, Europe and North America via his Funnel Academy. MathMarketing and its partners have also helped many leading and aspiring businesses to develop a clear plan for growth with Funnel Camp.

Hugh has learnt from and provided advice to investors, Boards, CEOs, Directors of Sales or Marketing, and other senior managers of global and local corporations – leaders in the fields of computer hardware and software, telecommunications, healthcare and financial services. Their businesses market products and services with sales cycles ranging from short and highly transactional, to long, complex and strategic.

Hugh Macfarlane’s marketing strategy book The Leaky Funnel is packed with fresh arguments for a major change in the way businesses organise and manage their combined sales and marketing resources. The central argument, that a new framework is needed for the aggregate Sales and Marketing force, has now been well proven in many leading businesses as a means of accelerating the effectiveness of their endeavours to earn more customers.

Hugh holds a Bachelor of Business Marketing Degree, attained Certified Practicing Marketer (CPM) status and Fellowship of the Australian Marketing Institute. He is an executive mentor with Indicum and a member of the American Marketing Institute.

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