Howard Berg

The Worlds Fastest Reader

Howard Berg, the worlds fastest reader, shares his expertise in an entertaining and informative style. This ensures all audiences are able to learn increased efficiency techniques while enjoying themselves.

Audience are astounded by how quickly and easily they can transform their information-overload into information-riches by using the easy to learn knowledge management strategies of the world’s fastest reader. Strategies are presented that will increase productivity, eliminate stress, and give your audience more precious time to spend on the things they love.

Howard’s cutting knowledge-management breakthrough has been hailed as revolutionary in Forbe’s FYI, Redbook, Men’s Health, Selling, Bottom Line, and featured on over 1,100 radio and television programs like Cavuto, and Regis.

Did you know that information you associates must learn doubles every six months? Did you know that more information is printed in a single week in the NY Times than an individual living in the 18th century had to learn in an entire lifetime?

Yet, we still read at the same speed of only 200 words per minute. Don’t you agree that In today’s knowledge-driven economy reading and learning faster is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity!

Event Coordinators love Howard’s ability to skillfully blend practical strategies with side splitting humor to keep their attendees laughing and amazed as they experience a revolutionary transformation of their knowledge management skills.

You’ll also appreciate Howard’s ability to customize his presentation to your audience’s area of specialization, making his program a perfect fit your event.

Topics and strategies Howard speaks about:

Reading faster: you will increase your reading speed by 10-20% so you can complete your important learning in a fraction of the time
EQ skills: emotional intelligence skills for creating the perfect state and eliminating negative states to successfully perform your work
Comprehension: how to increase comprehension and understanding by 100%
Computation: how to perform complex calculations in your head in seconds effortlessly
Writing: How to overcome writer’s block so you can complete your writing projects on time…all the time.
People reading: how to speed read people like a book so you are on their frequency and can build instant rapport
Genius: How to ignite your brilliance and create epiphany’s on demand
Memory: How to speed memorize and recall information laser fast.

About Howard Berg:

Howard was born in the USA and attended the State University of New York at Binghamton where he majored in both Biology and Psychology. Howard Berg became interested in Psychology during his junior year and completed the four-year program during his senior year. He was told it would be impossible, and that is what spurred him to develop his first accelerated learning program.

Howard taught science and computers for 10 years in New York City. He then became a corporate officer in an Electrical Construction Corporation. He went on to form his own company dedicated to learning and success for all.

Howard has created more than 14 brain-based learning programs. He’s appeared on over 1,100 radio and television programs, and been featured on Comedy Central over 9 times for his ability to blend humor with his message. Howard’s Time-Warner Book, “Super Reading Secrets,” is in its 28th reprint, and Barrons books requested him to write “Speed Reading The Easy Way” for students. Nightingale-Conant sold over 650,000 copies of his “Mega Speed Reading” program.

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