Homer Papantonio

The Corporate Impostor & Keynote Speaker

Homer Papantonio is widely acclaimed as Australia’s premier comic speechmaker, humourist and corporate impostor.

As The Corporate Impostor, Homer delivers keynotes under the guise of an overseas industry expert or guru. Gradually over the course of the presentation, his audience is fooled into accepting, without question, his credentials, wisdom and constructive insights… then finally, he reveals the truth.

Homer also delivers a complete conference package, during which he presents a keynote address as a unique character and then returns as himself to deliver a keynote about role playing, his extraordinary career and how humour, emotional and social intelligence improve the quality of our life at work, home and play.

Meticulous in his research and in his attention to detail, Homer targets the key issues of any profession or organisation as well as addressing the central theme of an event to ensure that he can educate, entertain and inspire the audience. He often draws on topical issues occurring both in Australia and overseas to add relevance and to totally ‘win over’ his audience’s acceptance of his expertise.

More about Homer Papantonio:

Since hoaxing over five hundred bearded Zoo Directors at an International Zoological Conference in 1994 he has delivered the opening keynote at Microsoft’s Company Kick Off in place of Bill Gates, and been introduced as NASA’s Director of Surface Operations for the 2015 Mars mission at the Australasian Geological Symposium. In fact, Homer has successfully created over 1,500 unique comic characters for Australian audiences, and completed over 20 international tours, with each character carefully tailored to the event. Homer complements his keynotes with tailored visual presentations featuring himself in character.

Homer’s fastidiously crafted characters and presentations have resulted in independent post-performance client evaluations on his last 1000 engagements over a decade of a 99% ‘Excellent’ rating.

Homer Papantonio’s seamless blending of character, substance, relevance and humour has made him one of Australia’s most sought-after corporate humourists. That’s why the Corporate Impostor is guaranteed to be the highlight of your entire event.

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