Heidi Di Santo

Emotional healer and inspirational speaker

Heidi Di Santo is one of Australia’s most respected inspirational speakers on lifestyle. She has travelled the world captivating audiences with her life changing advice on how to be truly healthy both physically and emotionally.

Heidi finished high school at 16, graduated in Commerce at 18, became finance manager at 21, started her own business at 23 and BURNED HERSELF OUT by 25. Her early business success came at the expense of her health. She had no energy, was covered in eczema and was officially diagnosed with chronic fatigue. In 1997, her journey to become truly healthy led to her career change from CPA to motivational speaker.

In 2005 Heidi worked with channel 7’s Sunrise show as their ‘Shape Up For Summer’ personal trainer where her book Heidi’s Lose Size & Energize was featured and became a best seller. In 2006, Heidi worked as counselor and ‘Energy Expert’ for radio 2UEs weekend program and in 2008 as Emotional Health Presenter for 3AW Afternoons with Denis Walter.

Since then, Heidi has been focusing her energies on her real passion for counseling and emotional healing where she can truly impact individual lives. Her goal is to help people find self acceptance, self love and ultimately inner peace.

Heidi Di Santo talks about:

In her keynote titled Finding Yourself and Inner Peace, Heidi speaks openly and honestly about her own life transformation. She covers key issues including:

The Mask – Everyone has a root abandonment wound that generally expresses itself as a feeling of ‘not being good enough’ or ‘not feeling lovable’. In order to hide this truth from the world, most people wear a mask and ‘pretend’ in life. When you find self love and self acceptance, you are able to remove this mask and ‘be you’. In Heidi’s opinion, depression is ‘the inability to find or be your true self’.

Acceptance versus Resistance – Acceptance is flowing with the river of life rather than trying to swim against its current (resistance). Resistance creates unresolved negative emotions, which are essentially energies, that get trapped in your body and cause negative health problems.

Becoming Present to Life – The mind’s eternal chatter and tendency to dwell on the past or worry about the future prevents people from finding inner peace and becoming present to life. Heidi’s belief is that unresolved emotional issues are at the heart of the need for this chatter. Feeling these unresolved emotions enables you to find presence. There is healing in the feeling. Her belief is that when you completely experience a repressed emotion, it will disappear completely and will no longer negatively impact on your life. The key is to feeling it fully.

Relationships and Communication – Any conflict can be resolved if both parties are willing to engage. Heidi’s belief is that people don’t go out to hurt each other, but that people do get hurt, and with understanding and compassion anything can be resolved. Sadly, ‘understanding and compassion’ are rare commodities in this life, being replaced with reactivity, withdrawal, judgment, criticism and bitching.

Identifying the Victim Inside– Anytime you blame anything or anyone outside of yourself for the circumstances in your life, you turn yourself into a victim. Becoming responsible for your thoughts puts you in control. When you search for happiness through other people or external things, you set yourself up for failure. Inner peace and true happiness can only be found by exploring your inner world.

Reprogramming your Mind – You are more than your thoughts and yet most people get hooked into their thoughts as though they were the truth. You are more than your ego and can reprogram your mind and change your life for the better.

The Unconscious 2-Dimensional World Versus The Conscious 3-Dimensional World – The 3 dimensional world is a place full of peace, love, understanding and acceptance. Sadly, most of the people living on earth are trapped in the two dimensional world, which is fear based, and full of blame, anger, judgment and criticism. There is a need for a change!

Heidi says “I’m really passionate about emotional healing as it is my true belief that unfelt, unresolved and trapped emotions keep people unhealthy, stuck in old patterns and unable to experience the true wonders of life”.

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