Heather Swan

World Record Setting Adventurer and Wingsuit Pilot

Heather has followed her dreams to become a world record setting wingsuit pilot and adventurer.  She has many audacious ‘world-firsts and one-offs’ to her credit including a wingsuit BASEjump made from a 6672 metre Himalayan mountain. She has flown across the Grand Canyon from rim to rim; made the first wingsuit flights in Antarctica; across the Australian Outback – Lake Eyre, Wilpena Pound and Mt Connor; across urban landscapes – Sydney Harbour, Melbourne and Brisbane cities, to mention just a few.

Each of these missions required the perfect balance of self-control, mastery of fear, skill, strategic planning and meticulous rick management. While her achievements seem super human, Heather is surprisingly, disarmingly normal – a former high-level marketing and then management executive, a wife, mother and grandmother. She started her adventure career in her late thirties, with no background in athleticism and an ‘over-active fear system’, yet she has consciously pushed through self-imposed limits time and time again, going on to achieve almost unimaginable things. She attributes her ongoing success to her mental and physical training – a simple, yet powerful approach centred around mindfulness that anyone can use to be healthier, happier and more effective in life and business.

Heather also has the rare talent of a natural story teller, someone who can take their own experiences and share them in a way that is not only entertaining and inspiring but insightful. As a result, she has been invited to present at major conferences all around the world. Her presentations, supported by literally breathtaking video and images, are full of insights, strategies and take-away lessons anyone can use.

Heather has appeared on countless television programs, four documentaries including, ‘ The Search for Freedom’ and she has authored three successful books. As her achievement list grows, so too her story changes and evolves.

Heather can surprise, engage, entertain, inspire, energise and challenge audiences toward positive personal transformation. She can show them how to be resilient in the face of constant change, to be strong and to believe in themselves. She can demonstrate the power of personal responsibility a shared vision, personal leadership, the value of commitment and the power of persistence. She can give them strategies for a healthier, happier, empowered life.

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