Hamish & Andy

Australia's most popular radio and TV duo

Hamish Blake and Andy Lee are Hamish & Andy, the talented, cheeky and hilarious comic duo who, since meeting at university, have become Australia’s most popular media performers.

Their radio program Hamish and Andy became the highest-rating radio series in Australian history, with approximately 2.5 million listeners each week. The program, which won 13 Australian Commercial Radio Awards, held that audience for an extraordinary four years before they retired from the drive time slot in 2011 to pursue other media ambitions.

They went on to entertain audiences with their Gap Year shows from New York, UK, Asia and South America as well as eventful expeditions to India, New Zealand and Europe. The programs were so popular that they received three Silver Logies for their show and a Silver and Gold Logie for Hamish personally.

In July 2015, due to popular demand, Hamish & Andy returned to radio, taking over Today’s Hit Network’s drive program from 4-6 pm on weekdays.

Together with mainstream radio and TV, they’ve also held comedic reign with their podcasts. They recently topped the iTunes charts as the #1 Australian radio podcast, averaging 240,000 downloads a month.

Hamish Blake united with Andy Lee in 2003 when they developed a Channel 31 sketch show, Radio Karate. They reunited in 2004 when they were named hosts of a new Seven Network variety program, The Hamish and Andy Show, a show described as a successor to Big Bite. It premiered in 2004, and steadily built a moderate cult audience.

In 2005, they were recruited by comedian Rove McManus, to develop the satirical television comedy series, Real Stories, which aired on Network Ten in 2006 and 2007. From 2007 to 2009, the duo appeared fortnightly on Rove in pre-recorded segments. They hosted the Logie awards in 2007 and 2008, and the ARIA awards in 2008. They appeared on Joker Poker and Australia’s Brainiest Comedian in 2005, and Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader? in 2009. They also appeared on The Jay Leno Show twice in 2009 and The 7PM Project in 2009. In 2010 they were regular panelists on The 7pm Project.

In 2008, they released a compilation album of segments from their radio show, Unessential Listening, which peaked at number five on the Australian Top 100 Albums Chart, received platinum certification by the Australian Recording Industry Association and went on to win Best Comedy Release at the ARIA Music Awards of 2009. In 2010 they released a second CD to great acclaim, Celebrating Over 50 Glorious Years.

As well as numerous other adventures, Hamish & Andy have made two domestic caravan tours, a Bass Strait sailboat trip, and trips to Afghanistan and Beijing, all recorded live on location.

With their unique chemistry and comedic style, Hamish & Andy have a very broad appeal. The pair are in very high demand attracting huge international interest as well as excellent reviews for everything they do in the corporate arena.

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