Greg Moran

Motivational Speaker, Counsellor, Writer, Director and Producer

Greg Moran is a highly regarded corporate and motivational speaker who clearly and passionately demonstrates that having a major disability does not preclude you from living a happy, productive and fulfilling life.

Greg broke his neck playing rugby in 1983 at the age of 15, becoming a C3/4 quadriplegic with little movement or sensation below his shoulders. He spent five months in hospital before moving to a rehabilitation facility where he lived for three years and learned skills to help him adjust to life as a quadriplegic. He knew that he had to adjust to his new circumstances and become as independent as he could.

Everything Greg has achieved since, and his achievements have been considerable, has been with great persistence, positivity and confidence.

Greg’s devastating injury started him on a path of self-discovery and personal development that continues to this day. Greg shares his journey with great humour and humility, never failing to make a life-changing impact on his audience.

More about Greg Moran:

Greg returned to school in an electric wheelchair to complete his HSC then went on to Sydney University where he completed his Arts degree majoring in English & Fine Arts.

After graduating in 1992 Greg knew that he wanted to pursue a career in writing and painting so he joined the Mouth and Foot Painting Artists and began writing screenplays and short films.

He became a renowned short-film script writer, writing, directing and starring in an internationally award-winning short film, BackTalk.

In 1999 Greg moved to Murrumbateman to manage Doonkuna Estate, a family winery, studied viticulture, got married, and wrote and directed his first short film, Begging For It.

After his marriage ended, Greg went on a personal emotional journey of discovery and eventually became a qualified counsellor, completing courses in hypnotherapy, E.M.D.R, NLP, Gestalt and Group Therapy.

Greg decided to share his experiences with others on a larger stage and began motivational speaking. He also returned to his first love of script writing and filmmaking, helping to develop and produce the children’s television program Spit It Out with Tumble TV and the Seven Network. They made two series with 65 episodes in each series.

As well as working on his own projects Greg also works as a freelance writer and producer with the television production company The Full Box.

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