Grant ‘Scooter’ Patterson

Australian Paralympic Swimmer

Grant ‘Scooter’ Patterson, is a true blue Aussie Paralympic legend from far North Queensland. Having shot to fame at the 2021 Tokyo Paralympics, Scooter’s wicked sense of humour and his incredible achievements in the pool have created a platform for him to share his journey with the world.

More about Grant ‘Scooter’ Patterson:

“I am an outgoing midget or short person, or whatever you want to call it (Scooter laughs). I am born with a rare joint fusion disability connected to dwarfism called Diastrophic Dysplasia,” says Scooter.

When Scooter grew up he was aware of the stigma, that people suffering with Diastrophic Dysplasia, faced. He grew up understanding that he was going to have to work harder than anybody else to achieve amazing things and it was in his teenage years that he began to dream of winning a medal at the Paralympics. Scooter started to train twice a day and dedicated his life to becoming a world class athlete.

Scooter formed an incredible bond with his coach Herbie Howard, and has gone on a 13 year journey with him to winning Paralympic medals in Tokyo. Scooter trains approximately two hours in the morning and two hours at night. Without training, Scooter says “I would be spending my spare time chasing Spanish mackerel out at the reef or breaking speed records on the quad bike like the rest of North Queensland.” “I am a hard core North Queensland bogan. No ifs or buts about it.

My passion is winning medals in the pool and my hobbies include fishing/spearfishing, quad biking, running my dogs (I have two Kelpies) beside the quad bike, and recently just built my first go-kart with ‘Scooter’ printed on the sides, ” says Scooter smiling with his iconic grin.

The nickname ‘Scooter’ comes from the three wheeled trike that he scoots around on, enabling him to be very independent at work and home. The name ‘Scooter’ shot to fame around the world during the 2021 Paralympic Games in Tokyo when he won two medals after years of training and the TV coverage that followed. Whilst a dream came true for Scooter winning those medals, the world got to meet the North Queensland larrikin for the first time, as they cheered him home.

These media moments have solidified Grant as one of the top 5 Paralympians in Australia. He has captured the hearts of sports fans, has received the key to the city of Cairns (recognised as a local legend), and has proved his personality pops through the TV screen whenever the opportunity comes knocking.

Grant’s brand represents passion, dedication and hard work. He doesn’t care what people think or say about him. Grant is building his brand wearing an Akubra, riding a scooter and telling the world how it is.

“It’s not ‘what happens to us’ that shows our character. It’s how we overcome these challenges, and turn them into positive experiences. For me, I have had the opportunity to be a world class athlete and at the same time help other people realise their own potential. This is my purpose and I love it,” he says.

Scooter loves sharing his sense of humour and is best at laughing at himself. Scooter welcomes people into his world, a world they would never experience. His communication process is invaluable – he gets the stereotype and throws it out the window. Scooter isn’t just a world class athlete, he is the voice of change in a fast evolving world.

Scooter is passionate about showing people anything and everything is possible for those living with disabilities and physical challenges. He is focused on the 2022 Commonwealth Games Para-Sport Program, and the 2024 Paralympics in Paris.

Grant ‘Scooter’ Patterson talks about:

Grant wants to talk to Australia about ‘finding ability within disability.’

The word disability haunts so many people in the community. They are reliant on so many other people and handouts. Grant feels that a large part of this community are worth so much more than this, and that there needs to be active leaders with a some sort of physical disability across the media, working within organisations showing that they too can achieve incredible things.

Grant has spent years in front of camera and delivers a larger-than-life media persona. He is great for ratings – people love to watch his meaningful and slightly unpredictable comedic nature. Grants loves to laugh at himself which shows audiences we are all the same on the inside.

Piecing together Grant’s inspirational ‘no limitation’ messaging to the community with his on screen energy and his rising media profile – Grant is one of the front runners as a leader in our community across media, brands and events.

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