Grahak Cunningham

Ultra-Distance Runner & Motivational Speaker

Grahak Cunningham is a four time competitor and former champion of the Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race (4988km), the world’s longest and most grueling foot race and takes place every summer in Queens, New York.

Athletes run from 6:00 am to midnight, for 51 days and run a minimum of 96.6km a day. To finish competitors must develop and utilise skills of resilience, stress management, team building and ‘never giving up’.

The four races are undoubtedly the most difficult things Grahak has done yet are they are most rewarding. Grahak believes it is possible to go beyond our perceived limits – if we dare to try.

His first race as a rookie took him 50 days. His victory saw him take a week off his initial time finishing in 43 days and averaging 115 kilometres a day.

Grahak Cunningham Speaks About

  • Transcending Your Best: Get to Your Goals and Go BeyondThem
  • Maintaining Positivity in the Work Place: How to Win in Today’sBusy World
  • Mental toughness: Stay On Top of Your Game
  • Leadership: Driving Cultural Change
  • Mental Health: Wellbeing and Stress Management in the Workplace
  • Resilience: Keeping Momentum After Setbacks
  • Sales Force Targets: Customer Focus for Success

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