Grahak Cunningham

Long distance champion, motivational speaker

Champion long distance runner, performance specialist and motivational speaker, Australian Grahak Cunningham is a four-time finisher and 2012 champion of the world’s longest and most gruelling foot race, the Self Transcendence 3100 Mile Race.

Founded in 1997 to exemplify the possibilities of the human spirit, the Race is held every year on a concrete footpath around an 883 metre block in Queens, New York. Runners are given 18 hours a day, from 6.00 am to midnight, for 51 days, to run a minimum of 60 miles a day (96 km) to complete the distance. This involves circumnavigating the block 5649 times.

In a typical New York summer, temperatures can reach 40 degrees centigrade with 85% humidity. Competitors must use determination, resilience and perseverance to contend with boredom, fatigue, torrential deluges, extreme pain, injuries and sleep deprivation -but most of all, they have to deal with themselves.

The four races are undoubtedly the most difficult things Grahak has done yet they are the most rewarding. It is possible to go beyond our perceived limits-if we dare to try.

Grahak’s first race took him 50 days but Grahak averaged 115 km a day for 43 days in his 2012 victory. He received a plastic trophy and t-shirt for his prize but learnt an incredible amount on the journey.

Grahak Cunningham inspires and teaches how to achieve your goals in life, business or sport, from gaining leadership confidence and hurdling difficulties, improving productivity and fulfilment, to pushing yourself beyond your limits in your personal and business environments.

An engaging speaker, Grahak’s message inspires runners and non-runners alike.

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