Glynn Nicholas

Corporate MC, Comedian, Keynote Speaker

Glynn Nicholas is a comedian, actor, writer and director – and an outstanding and highly entertaining MC and keynote speaker. Indeed, there are few entertainers with the versatility of Glynn Nicholas so if you’re looking for an assured, inventive and charming professional for your next event, you’ve found your man.

As a stage performer Glynn’s one-person and ensemble shows have received critical acclaim and have covered a vast array of performance styles including theatre, opera, musicals, cabaret, open-air events, festivals, concerts, dance, vaudeville, radio, film, and television. His one-man shows still hold box-office records around the country.

Now Glynn draws on all his expertise as a gifted communicator, commentator, comedian and entertainer to receive similar acclaim as a keynote speaker, inspiring and motivating audiences -whether they like it or not.

Glynn’s story is one of perseverance, overcoming tough times, learning the hard lessons, and most importantly moving forward. He combines practical business advice with philosophical and psychological insights about what it is that gives our lives real value beyond making a buck and growing your business.

An inspired storyteller who loves to entertain, Glynn imbues every event with a sense of expectation and energy. With a relaxed charm and warm witty style matched with thorough research and attention to detail, Glyn Nicholas knows how to connect and keep an audience focused, intrigued, entertained.

More about Glynn Nicholas:

Glynn began his performing career as a street performer traveling the world and quickly progressed to winning numerous national and international awards.

A master of stage and screen, Glynn has appeared in feature movies and has made countless television appearances. He’s a successful author and has created a number of memorable comedy characters including Sergeant Smith and Pate Biscuit. He’s also an accomplished guitarist, songwriter, mime artist and teacher and a gifted script writer with many shows, cabarets, plays and musicals to his credit.

As a Theatre producer and director, his plays and musicals have run in scores of countries including Australia, the UK, Ireland, London’s West End and New York. Both Eurobeat – Almost Eurovision and his mega-hit Certified Male have appeared at the Edinburgh Festival and toured the UK and London’s West End. In fact, Glynn Nicholas is the only Australian producer to have the biggest-grossing production at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival (the largest Arts market in the world).

Glynn Nicholas talks about:

  • Leadership
  • Team building
  • Staying relevant
  • Dealing with change
  • The secrets men keep
  • What to avoid when it all falls apart (and it will fall apart
  • How to keep a hard head soft heart
  • Why our affluence is making us miserable, fat and selfish

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